Blade-Runner type VR



As a fan of Blade-Runner I loved the art style of this pre-alpha demo. Too early to know if the gameplay will match. I thought the flying police cars had an Elite Dangerous feel to them.


That’s awesome for sure


Wow that looks awesome!


I forgot to mention, but I believe it’s based on your neck of the woods ie Canada :+1:


wow that looks cool, defo following this game :fu::fu:


Promising but looks as pre alpha as it is.
Basically just a few stitched together non interactive demo scenes


I’m not sure one should expect anything significantly different to Anticleric’s previous game: Technolust, which is to say a couple of static environment (including idle-posing NPCs playing electro-garbled voice samples on being prodded), some mini-games, and a bunch of stuff to collect, scattered around the locations.

Technolust was developed and published back before Oculus had their touch controllers ready, and were aggressively pushing seated gamepad VR-ing as a viable thing, and the game never recovered from having been designed around this limitation (Vive popped up around that time, but did not get support; Seemingly mostly for reasons of brandname fan politics). I am sure Blair has left that phase behind, so that should make interaction much more pleasant.

The big problem I have with the visuals, is that I am yet to try an HMD that can anywhere near satisfactorily reproduce the sorts of environments these games are set within. The dimly illuminated features in the perpetually dark places become almost impossible to see behind the (mostly caused by the fresnel lenses, that we just can’t seem to get rid of) stray light (both in the form of “god rays” and other glare, such as the P8k/5k’s yellow glow), that blasts into one’s eyes like an interrogator’s spotlight; And non-volumetric fog just does not work in VR - at least not for me (nor do most post-processing effects, such as bloom (which I detest already in 2D) , and so on), and end up detracting from immersion, rather than the opposite. -Tech has not yet caught up with Technolust. :7 (The PiTool contrast and brightness settings helps a lot, but it is still bad.)