Blue light accelerates blindness


“Blue light from phone screens accelerates blindness”

We’ve had some discussion on this topic previously, but this appears to be a new finding.

“Light from digital devices triggers creation of toxic molecule in the retina that can cause macular degeneration”

I sure hope that the 8K has an option to reduce blue light emission.


I just buy the blue cut night glasses, the white colour is drop to be yellow.

I think vr headset need blue cut night too, not only general blue cut because we look in the dark room of headset.


Does the study put the whole thing in relation to normal solar radiation? If the sun has the same effect, but stronger, we’re “just” talking about extra strain on top, right?

For me, nothing beats natural bright light. For example, I don’t wear sunglasses in summer so I can see the landscape in its natural colours.

I am therefore in favour of optional filters only.

Or we get direct access to the color values of the displays as with any monitor, so that we can specifically change the color temperature. That’s got to be the same thing, right?


No not really. The most damaging light is in the near-violet and ultra-violet range, which your eye isn’t particularly sensitive to (as far as vision is concerned). Basically, you want to block part of the blue spectrum, so that colors aren’t affected (much).