Blurriness in game




I started a rollercoaster demo called desert ride coaster to test the headset, and also opened up xplanes 11. when loading into both games, everything is fine, then when in the menu, it is very blurry like the screens don’t match up with each other. best way to describe it is like chameleon eyes lol

I tried epic roller coasters and everything was fine. Is there a setting i’m missing?

parallel projections is ticked

EDIT: it started to work


You may need to play with Ipd setting. If you know if you have Asymetrical Ipd you might need to try the ipd offset.

Changes to settings often requires a steamvr reset.

WarRobotsVR is a free demo game & might be decent to try. I don’t have epic or xplane11.


sorry, the page wouldn’t let me delete my post. It worked as soon as I clicked send. I unclicked and reclicked parallel projections.


No worries. Topics generally need a leader or mod to delete. If you want can close or delete topic.

Glad you have it working. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: