Blurry image normal?

ingame everything near to me is crystal clear but everything a bit further away is blurry, almost like opening eyes underwater. The pimax 4k is my first headset, so i dont know… is this normal or is something wrong?
pitool ss at 2.0 steam 100%

I would say that some thing is wrong, the screen is a set distance from your eyes, nothing is further away from your eyes. the 3D image is made to give you depth but it is still the same distance from your eyes.

Do you wear glasses? If you are far sighted the image may have some blur. The p4k was designed for a certain level of short sighted to normal.

No, i dont wear glasses.

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I know that nothing ist “further” away :slight_smile: on the hardwareside .
What i mean was ingame, for example i stand in a room, my hands are sharp my HUD is sharp but things that are like 3 meters away aint that sharp anymore. The further away something is in game, less sharp it becomes.

Well keep in mind the p4k is upscaled & has 2 modes. Ensure your upscaling from 1440p & not 1080p. It may also depend on the title & in game settings.

What are some of the games?

Yes its on 1440p all the time, i just tried 1080p today but the picture did not get worse or better.

Games are for example: pistol whip, eve valkyrie, boxvr, dead effect 2.
It’s the same in every Game.

Not sure. Been awhile since I fired up the old p4k. Maybe @Century or @Enopho or @VRGIMP27 might have some ideas


I always set 2560x1440, so I can not say about the difference.
Well, I rarely use it, to be honest, there is no exact conclusion about this.


Huh I haven’t experienced anything like that as yet. I’m having a problem with the field of view being narrow sort of like the displays in the wrong orientation. I have checked the Json file for changes, and nothing is out of the ordinary.

As for a blur issue, if you have an Nvidia card make sure that the sharpness filter is off, or that the card is not overriding you’re in app settings. That’s all I can think would be causing something like that. Hope that helps.