BOE's OLED panel fab is ready!



This is great news. Kopin released their earnings today and in the conference call they touched upon the subject of the new BOE fab, where Kopin is going to make their new panels. Turns out the new fab just got ready!!

From the transcript of today’s conference call:

"BOE’s factory is actually finished. The equipments are in. They are at this moment test running now. I think I will be there hopefully in 10 days to hopefully celebrate the first run to coming out. So I expect they will be very, very good in brightness. In fact, I think just to give you the scope of the situation. BOE is the biggest supplier of displays for smartphones. Their market share in the world is now over 20% in the whole world of the displays coming out is from them. So they have teams of engineers that can turn a factory on very quickly and the factory’s also very fully automatic. So I think the world of AR/VR will be different in the next – certainly by second half this year everybody will be very surprised what’s happening to the world. So first of all, AR/VR is basically limited as I’ve talked about it. They don’t have any constant supply of display of low cost, high performance displays. I think this [indiscernible] is going to be opened in the second half of this year."

Also interesting:

There’s no question about it. VR has been disappointing year in 2018. But out of that – you will know, out of that people began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What’s missing is a better display. The display has to be a higher resolution, faster even to make sure there’s no latency as you move your head, so you don’t get sick when you wear them and the display should be a higher resolution, maybe even higher than 2k x 2k which we have which is the world record but even that might not be enough, so people have to go to higher resolution and much lower cost. Right now there’s no supply. We’ve got our 2k display in every company that you can name of in VR. I don’t think there’s any VR company that doesn’t have our display in their systems. It’s just that now the order feedback comes back and say, could you give us a little bit better display, faster display, lower power and by the way it better have good supply and better low cost. And we have many and many trademark now by the end of this first or second quarter.”

Great times ahead for VR this year!! Remember that this is the fab that’s going to produce 8k panels for VR and maybe even higher.

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I am happy to see a guy on reddit prefer 5K+ to Odyssey+ not because of FOV, but clarity

Nice find. Nothing give me a bigger woody than new VR panel tech haha… All the talk about 2160 LCD displays was worring. Perhaps this is what Valve are waiting for :slight_smile:

@PimaxUSA Hope your having meetings with Kopin over the 8K X :wink:


Yeah this is great news. There hadn’t been an update on their fab since august and the silence was worrying me, I figured that they might had suspended or even killed the whole project because of the slower than expected growing VR industry. But now this fab, that’s almost entirely geared to serving the AR/VR industry is completed, things will start to get interesting!

I do think it will take a few months before they really push out the first 2k *2k panels at high enough speed but the near future now looks really good!

Maybe also nice for an article on your site @benz145


These are all microdisplays though, only suitable for 100 fov right? Wide-FOV VR needs 5" displays or something like samsung is doing.


Boe presented an 8k phone screen at display week I think 2 years ago. So I think they will be making those panels too in their new fab.