Brainwarp due today?

? Its called brainwarp 1.0, that what they said was being released out of beta

Why did they pull 112 again? Does anyone still have the link to download it, I actually need the the fixes they included for oculus games.

Yes, I understand that, but are you personally experiencing 2 or more frames being inserted to smooth out your framerate?

I installed it as soon as released and haven’t noticed anything wrong.


Do you have a download link for 112? (I can’t get it from the pitool page because they pulled it)

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top of the page, opening post, Heliosurge has links available


Thank you!!!

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good to know, as I spend a lot of time in rF2


I still prefer no SS in rF2 though - currently SS works kind of weird - it blurries image even with no motion in the scene. But awesome news is that game feels very smooth with Pimax without SS and at around ~50FPS or above. I reached out to rF2 devs and asked/explained how to fix PP, hopefully this will be fixed soon - we’ll get even better perf then.

BTW thanks to @risa2000 for explanaition of the exact math behind correct projection. I just passed his explanation to S397.


Smart Smoothing & FFR is part of Brainwarp suite. But know what your looking for is Frame doubling.

103 109 & 111 are betas. 112 is the Official. BW has been there since 103 but in the form of smart smoothing & ffr.

BW version 1.0 were waiting on features of v2.0?

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Think banner topic pitool downloads link works.

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Whatever the naming may be, wasn’t Kevin/PimaxUSA talking about something coming this week, towards the end of GDC, that would add more than one extra frame?

They could call it DeathToAllChickens or EyePoke, I don’t care. I just want SteamVR-like motion smoothing! :money_mouth_face:

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I was thinking of commenting about that “Yeah, no way this week” but let it slip by. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hard to say with pimax anouncements tbh. Kevin also originally said pitool release on feb 18(pitool 106); controllers & rigid headstrap at gtc or gtd. But things haven’t gone according to schedule.

Even Heaney got grilled for mentioning non beta of pitool as his article released prior to 112 being released.

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Well, I’m just asking if he said it, not if it will actually happen. :wink:

I know plans change, things sometimes don’t work out. I’m still very glad he was brought on-board.

True but this has been fairly consistent. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

But yeah he’s doing a great many things which does equate a job well done.

Here you can download it, I have it in my onedrive.!AmLesXa54TUbg4kJIW89hxyC_yYInQ


how did you explain to them how to fix it? can you explain to me lol


It requires them to do this, it is a code change, but my understanding is 1hr of work, if not less:

Edit: what is the most weird, is that it seems that everyone should’ve used this API even before Pimax. That way IPD is respected on all headsets.