Brainwarp questions for Pimax


Exactly…that’s the point in being more informed, more awakened to the true uses and misuses of technology, more responsible, not just accepting anything without considering the possible consequences of our choices.

Yes we all want VR, we all want to have fun in our spare time, we want to have a way to relax, but we can’t avoid to use discernment, keeping our mind iconstantly in “fantasyland” all the time (some corporations do not expect anything else but we end up like this), ending up like in the famous Collodi’s novel “Pinocchio”, realizing, unfortunately too late, to have ears like a donkey, and to be about to become completely, hopeless.

We have already done it for too long with many technologies, which have come to manipulate us and make us dumber, rather than smarter.


@xunshu you said in your recent update “Brainwarp is proven feasible.” Can you please tell us what that means?

Please answer the very simple yes or no question. Has Brainwarp worked in any version of the headset?



This has been one of the most interesting topics for me, and unfortunately not much to know yet. I would like to know more about it.


We are not getting any answer to anything really…very disapointed @xunshu


Proven feasible? The good version of brainwarp or something completely different labeled brainwarp?