Broken Face Shield


I have been in touch with Pimax to replace this, but there is clearly a language barrier. My plastic shroud is broken.The part that holds the padding to the unit. I need to replace this simple part. It’s 8 screws to remove it and put a new one on. Pimax says to contact local retailer to replace the part. There are no part retailers in the US.

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Added pokes to your post. You have made good pics to illustrate the issue.


Hi @todd022, could you please provide the info about the serial number of the 4K ,purchase time and channels? And how does it broke? Please contact our mailbox:
We are willing to help you.:slight_smile:


that part of the headset can break when you put the face plate back on and don’t clip it in before you put the screws back in… did you take it apart for a clean or repair or something?


Serial number:10071173004344. It was purchased through eBay. I broke the piece when I was removing the shroud to do some adjustments/cleaning. Seems very easy to replace now that I know where the screws are. I just need to source the part.