Busan VR Festival 2018: 26 july -> 28 july


Real event in near future: 26 july - 28 july
Joint China Korean VR Festival in Busan. (South korea)


Interesting VR related news to be found in a few weeks. It is suggested LG will present a new HMD.
I don’t know if Pimax will showcase anything, but that is unlikely at the moment (hearsay).

Any users here go to this event?



Just a guess. But Vrmaniac(s) is likely to be present. Maybe even @crony :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It is about 3 hours away, but I am not interested because there is no pimax 8k.


LG might have a demo of their new HMD though.


Well, maybe or maybe not.


True. Just out of curiosity. You reaction is pretty blend. Don’t you want to know how the china/korea togetherness will work out? Or even if Pimax will show up after all?


All I’m looking for is the release of the pimax 8k consumer version. And I like staying in the pimax forum rather than going to Busan because I believe that kickstarters will get it first.


No news at all. The HMD I was hoping to see was the LG headset. But up till now no news found.
Next year, there has to be a Pimax 8K or even the 8KX in this event. (I hope).

This pic shows nice setup with Oculus Rift.

And this one with Vive