Cable Extension?



Whats the official verdict on this…Has anyone found a 25 foot or greater DisplayPort Extension that works?
I’m assuming even the 15 foot trip light mentioned above didnt work out? edit: one reviewer on amazon said it did in fact work?

Its a shame we cant utilize some sort of hdmi to dp converter (i already have an hdmi 25 footer that worked for the rift in place).

And for that matter, what is the best way to make the usb extension in the neighborhood of 25 foot work? Is it to just add a (usb 3.0?) hub at the end of say one of the 32 footers like this one (which already has power)?


This solution didn’t work with my 8k, the headset is not detected :frowning:


Did you ever try any cables/couplers?


this one worked on my 5k+


That’s the one I’m using too.


I use 10m extensions, works fine with my pimax XR and Vive:




What kind of coupler are you using for the DisplayPort? That cable is male/male so there must be an adapter to let you connect the HMD?


These work, had them shipped to UK:


Thats interesting. I have the same couplers and several others as well. So far no cable I’ve tried has worked with any coupler and the PiMax 5K+.

Even if I use a high quality standard 6’ cable, it does not work. The couplers do work when I connect a DP monitor, but not the HMD.

The HMD just never recognizes the DisplayPort as being connected. I’ve kind of thought it might be due to the power pin or something.


like Robertsmania said, i also didnt get the Setup you mentioned to work. As long the passive Coupler is in it doesnt found anything (10500) . After changing to a active Coupler everything works with 10 m. Maye the GC Port is a factor in this setup.

And i used a cheap Aliexpress cable…


Would you mind sharing which coupler you used? I going to buy one of those cables right now.


ah… sure…


Big THX Hammerschädel, just ordered one for 34€ as amz WHD :star_struck:
An active extender and keep using my existing DP 1.4 cables seemed the better option than to invest in an high end cable :grimacing:

Will report if it works once it arrives…


hmm… but it still needs the expensive Cable, i tryed it with cheap ones which didnt work…


So the DeLock 11464 active DP extender arrived today…
To keep it short: It doesn’t do any magic

It works with my cheap <10EUR 5m 1.4 DP cable from ebay but only up to 72 Hz +large FOV
-> with 90Hz no connection was possible anymore no matter of FOV setting.

With a 2m 1.2 DP cable everything worked like when the HMD is plugged in directly.
I guess up to 3m the active extender could work pretty well with “non-premium” cables.

To summarize the active extender I would call it a great DP to DP Coupler you still need good cables for >3m but then it works while my passive coupler did not work at all with Pimax!

I’m not quite sure if i will just order an additional 5m cable of better quality now or send it back and go for the recommended Delock 83812 extension cable.


The DeLock 11464 active DP extender is basically the only thing that will let me couple two DP cables for the Pimax, no matter the length. It does couple with a number of long cables though, including this one:

I’m still going through trials of optical cables, and this one does NOT work (even with the active repeater):

Will try the Premium one posted sometime back next…

Many options work for USB as people have posted before, including the “noname” optical USB 3.0 extension from eBay and other places. On Amazon, they are branded “FIBBR”, but they’re the same as the others that cost less and look identical, as far as I can tell (I got an equivalent one from eBay that works):


Also tried this one with the Delock repeater, and it did NOT work either.
EDIT: Correction, it DOES work. I had it on backwards ><

So far I haven’t managed to get any of the 10m optical DP cables to work, even with active regeneration. Others in this thread and elsewhere seem to say that it should. Will continue experimenting…

BTW, I see Amazon has switched the DP optical cable products around so my link doesn’t point to the same cable anymore. For future reference, I was attempting the 10m (~32 foot) ones (unsuccessfully, so far). Passive 6 foot male/female non-optical cables work, as does the Cable Matters 15 foot male/male one when used with the DeLock repeater.


hmm, thats bad to hear…you did use the cable correct? the 10m Fibre optic Cable was the first cable i know that had a direction on it.

Some thoughts on Pimax 5K XR & comparison to Vive Pro

I think I did pay attention to the direction, but now that I think about it I only recall doing it for the ATZEBE. Still got the Premium Cord one, so I’ll try it again and report back.

Ordered another DeLock repeater BTW, just in case I needed more of a boost at the end of the optical cable. For those in US, this has been my source for the repeaters:
They will use a non-US power plug, so it needs to be adapted in shape (the voltage is fine though), or just use your own PSU.


Many thanks to [Hammerschaedel. The Premium Cord extension DID work with the repeater, I had it on backwards after all.