Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


Indeed more wait equals more cost while waiting to release.


Pimax always comes with a new reason to delay the 8K. This new testing was never told. Someone has to tell it… that is me … :wink:


Hey, Sjef! Is that you? :jack_o_lantern:


Fact is the beta tester haven’t even touched the m2 and production has started. Hardware must be good to go :slight_smile:


Time is gold !!! That´s always my point. :slight_smile:


My thought as well.

Hopefully we will start to see real people receiving theirs 8ks in august.


Yes cant wait to see a Swebot vs real person comparison :slight_smile: hope it lives upto the hype


The more delays we have to face the more this looks like a kickstarter project.
Kind a weird isn’t it?


Fact is that when you put on your 8K and you tweak your IPD, you must realize that this betatest has moved mountains. All the betatesters, of which Sweviver got the most media-attention, have put effort into this. All the large language-areas, being French, Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean, German have been covered… (Me thinks, why not Dutch??? Me angry,… (no I am not)). Pimax is the go to unit for VR progress. Facebook didn’t. HTC didn’t. Sony didn’t. Pimax goes forward. Have a nice day, sir.


London Pls :slight_smile: (20 characters)


i have the 4770k and i plan to keep it at least for 1 or 2 years. i actually won a 8086k from intel but i will sell it because i dont see any need of more cpu power at the moment and i dont want again to have “old” ram (DDR3 at the moment), because probably next year DDR5 Ram will be available. So i will wait for DDR5 Ram to upgrade and by that time maybe a not so expensive 8 core intel cpu will be available, who knows.


When do you plan to start shipping to backers that want the headset before the software is finished?


You mean swebot lives up to the hype or the real person?


Here we go again… haha


We love you big guy :wink: I just hope Pimax send you plenty of free merchandise for your efforts


Im probably one of the very few YouTubers not getting stuff for free. Mostly they dont care. Sometimes I dont agree receiving.

Did I mention I said no to a free Vive Pro, 3 months ago? :grin:

I make my own money by working. And I spend money. Over 400 bucks on software last month.

But sure if I get a free T shirt one day, I will make sure to send it to you! :heart:


as usual thanks for your hard work, especially the volume and variety of testing. why people insist on shitting on you is a genuine mystery when everyone from pimax to other testers notes how much effort you have put in.


@Davobkk I took a brake from my chan for 2 months now to prove Im not here to be a YouTube Pimax pumpkin, to prove you I dont give a shit about the views, the YouTube coffee money and the so called “fame”. Im dedicating all my available time on testing the 8K and spending time with it. Im also daily trying to ask myself if all the YouTube grinding really is worth it in the end. Most likely not.

Meanwhile… we have half of the testers team who dont even gives a shit. Suuuuuurprise!!!


And now you can start your drama @Davobbk. You are welcome.

Still, I will always be the biased and paid boy, right?


I dont know what you talking about to be honest?? All I said is I hope you get somthing back for your hard work. Yes clearly your the only one putting in the time. I’m very thankfull. Don’t know how you took that out of context?



You have more supporters than you know SweViver!