Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


I’ve had enough of personal insults lately. You know it.
Whenever I look people assume things about me.
Free stuff. Pimax boy. Hype train. Always positive.

It’s just not funny anymore.

There is SO much I could tell you about YouTubers in general and how things work behind the scenes. But Im not here to destroy anyones rep. Its not my job. Let them do their shit. Its not my business. But please dont associate me with them and please stop just calling me out.

I do things for my own joy and passion. If it happens to help you, then I’ll be happy. If it doesnt, then Im sorry but I never promised to help you specifically.

Now lets get back on topic. This thread is about Pimax 8K and not Swebot.


Where the fuck did I accuse you of wanting free shit? It’s all in your head buddy. You need to control your emotions

Back on topic. I’m just happy you guys have given the green light on hardware and production is underway. Can’t wait to get my hands on one for Elite Dangerous


That seemed somewhat evident in the leak. Whatever you mean by this now leaves me asking for more information. Being you are likely at the doorstep with the NDA here, perhaps such statements that cannot be elaborated on should remain unsaid for now.
Oh and you’re shouting. Maybe take a day outdoors to clear the mind. We would hate to lose you to stress.


Come on, Sweviver, don‘t take every bait, jump on every provocation, especially if it is the umpteenth one from the same individual. You‘r smarter than that !

The guy is unhappy in the broadest sense, how can you even consider to respond anymore. Really, take a break ! Every tme you feed him, you have laid the ground for him to try again two days later. Think before typing… it‘s boring for the rest of us to read that shit about absolutely nothing.


Thanks guys. I thought a thread title “Calm and civil” would be enough to keep it clean. Its just sad.

But once again, lets get back on topic please :blush:


With the same transport bitmap size for both the 5k and 8k, the amount of supersampling one applies is a separate matter entirely, to which device one views it on, surely?

If I render 5k, that should produce the exact same results for both devices, except for some softening introduced on the 8k, due to the upscaling, and if I increase it, the benefit should be exactly the same for both, and if this is not the case, something is seriously iffy, and then I must again reiterate that the 8k should be scrapped, and 8kX be made baseline.

I am really, really cagey about going through software in addition to just SteamVR - sounds like we’re talking about a lot of “magic” all-in-one options, that may do stuff behind the curtains, that may not always be desireable.


I do not know about changing to AMD but I’ve moved my installation from an 3570k on an Asus MB to a 6700k on a gigabyte. and another installation from an old E8400 on an MSI to an 6100 on a gigabyte without any issues. However the license is bound to the hardware and you may need to buy a new one or see if you can find a way to transfer the old one.


The 8K only needs 1 DisplayPort cable while 8K X needs two (or the new upcoming nvidia port) because of bandwidth limitations. This was probably one of the reasons 8K X is coming later than 8K.

Im not allowed to talk about rendering in detail, but i think you are making the “problem with upscaling” bigger than it actually is. Upscaling has its downsides but higher resolution panels also have its strenghts, much less SDE for example. Its a matter of balancing the pros/cons and if you do it right, you can make it look almost like native 4K.


Thats a good way of explaining it.


The 8K only needs 1 DisplayPort cable while 8K X needs two (or the new upcoming nvidia port) because of bandwidth limitations. This was probably one of the reasons 8K X is coming later than 8K.

Do you think its possitbe that they now switch with the 8KX from 2 DP’s to that new cable that was announced this week?


No arguing about any of those things, but the point was that I do not see why the amount of supersampling on the transport bitmap render target would impact the 5k and 8k models differently.
(EDIT: …unless the scaler should, contrary to assumption, turn out to in fact be flexible enough to fully use the bitmap, including parts that would be outside the visible range, whereas under such an assumption, those parts would still just be black on the 5k.)


Thats a possibility I guess but nobody knows yet :slight_smile:


Thanks, sure hope so! it will take some time anyway so hope they can at that time.


They hit the same. But you need more potenial super sampling to reduce aliasing to have a nice picture.

5k takes 5k input looks decent at native res.
8k takes 5k input looks potenially jaggies & such after upscaled. So the 8k needs ss to help improve the upscaled pic.


To be honest, thats something over my head as well currently. I know how the 8K renders, but I dont know much about 5K as I havent tried it.

What I mean is just that if 5K can gain some better performance then its a great option for 1070 users, but im not sure if its really worth it to switch from 8K to 5K if you have 1080, 1080Ti or the upcoming gen.

Let’s wait and see. Hopefully we will get a chance to try the 5K at the meetings :slight_smile:


That would mean that the upscaling is terrible; Degrading quality and wasting resources wantonly. I most certainly hope not.


Do hope all cards will be on the table at some point (preferrably with somebody knowledgeable and trustworthy corroborating technical matters).

Too much released info just doesn’t make sense, and is very frequently contradictory to things previously said. :7


I was puzzled by this too. I think what @xunshu was trying to say is that the 5K looks OK with less supersampling, but that the 8K needs more supersampling to produce a better than OK image. That is, the 8K doesn’t look as good as the 5K with minimal SS, but the 8K can look even better at a high SS.


Hmm. My guess is…Bethesda’s? :wink:


It depends on how will M2 perform.