Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


Ive actually showcased it to my gf…lol. She is not against stuff like that. But indeed she felt it was a bit awkward :slight_smile:


Haha i can only imagine. I have tried a very normal 180 video where the girl was playing with my hair and been very close and i was feeling like my personal space was been invaded so badly that i wanted to step back lol.


As you know, I‘m in the same boat. If we really see a delivery of the 8K to us midrange number backers in say October, and the 1180 releases end of August, it would mean we‘d have to wait for something like 6 months.
I believe you need to consider buying the 1180 and upgrading to the 1180Ti later on, when it becomes available. You will probably loose 200-300 bucks compared to the 1180Ti only scenario, so you have to figure out if you are okay to pay roughly 50,- per months to fully enjoy your 8K. I must admit I am really contemplating it. But I will surely wait until I receive my 8K and have checked that it works. At that point in time I will know how long the anticipated time till availability of the 1180Ti is, what the general experience with the 8K is, and then make the call. It should only take a few days till the 1180 would be delivered so I can wait for that. And possibly we already would have alternatives to the founders edition (same goes for the Ti, if that is supposed to be the high-end GPU for me for some time, I‘d better wait for the OC versions).


Im hesitating as well, if going from 1080Ti to 1180 is worth the money. Benchmarks will show. Because in the end, we all want 1180Ti of course!


I’m going to stick with my 1080ti and wait for 1180ti…


I would say, if the reported VR performance increase is 20% or better, I will take the plunge and buy the 1180. Otherwise, no.


I watch from time to time VR180 videos with the YouTube VR app from Steam VR. Getty Images has some cool VR180 videos. Lately more and more videos have been posted by users of the Lenovo Mirage VR camera all over the world. Even Sebastian Ang (MRTV) has VR180 videos with this camera from his trip to Barcelona. So I can say I virtually stood right next to him in VR :wink:
I also enjoyed some of the VR180 videos from the Amaze 3D app.


I’m gonna stick to my 1080ti and hope for the best. Because realistically 1180ti will probably be out of my price range after buying the Pimax 8k. Also we are looking at the usual pattern of new “Ti” card so 6 month give or take after the normal version then a few month to get enough card for all per-order. If the card is the best thing for miner I can’t even predict the impact on availability. Even longer for me since i always wait for the manufacture Overclocked version most probably from Asus :stuck_out_tongue:(I’m starting to think i might actually have the money by then lol) .
Edit: I really like the silent triple fan from Asus


In most cases you will do just fine :wink:


That happens only when you use Oculus Rift or WMR when ASW motion reprojection kicks in. With asynchronous reprojection it does not drop more frames than you lose because of bottleneck.

I Pimax 8K case, Im not allowed to talk about the reprojection yet…


Especially with well optimized game Engines like assetto corsa right!?:wink:


I suspect that if pimax manufacturing after meet up the backer, that mean tester give green light to pimax already?


Assetto Corsa is an extremely well optimized VR simulator indeed :slight_smile:


What if…Nvidia skips the 1180 completely and jumps straight to the 1180ti for this release then does a quick turnaround and releases 1200 series cards in the spring to compete with amds upcoming 7nm options! :smiley:

I know I know, but i can dream right?


Actually, that might not be too from the reality. There are some rumors that NVidia will be skipping a chip generation. Smaller feature sizes mean that a chip will run faster, use less energy, and be smaller (which means cheaper to produce). That last item would be the driving factor for NVidia.

Meanwhile, the delay lets everyone sell off there older stock. Lately, I’ve been getting ads for reduced prices on the 1080 and 1080Ti, which makes me think that new GPUs are getting closer to release.


@SweViver … I wonder if I can make it work with the DGX-1’s we have here … :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that the CPU is also a huge part of performance. I have a 1080ti and still get frame drops with my Vive because I only have a i5_3570k. And its even overclocked to 4.30 Ghz. At this point i have to upgrade my motherboard/ram and CPU since any of the modern CPUs don’t support my motherboard. I really dread having reinstall everything…


Recently, lots of media outlets are talking about nvidia launching their next gen before/at Gamescom on the 21st.
Some leaked email to nvidia partners indicates that the 1180 will come out in August, and the 1180Ti in September.
Take a small grain of salt with that one though.


That is great news, assuming it’s true. I really want an 1180Ti and my headset probably won’t arrive until November/December. Hopefully, custom vender versions (which are overclocked) will be out by the end of the year.


Great update!

There are indeed a few questions with it that I’ve seen here, so I’ma put them in one post for @xunshu

  1. Is the M2 unit’s hardware final? Or will there be further hardware improvements down the line?
  2. Can you confirm that the 230 - 700 - 2000 units manufactured are per month figures?
  3. If the backer meetups won’t have NDA, why not drop the NDA for the testers as well?
    Sure the meetups won’t have nearly as in-depth review as you can learn from a meetup … but that’s a double edged sword as well. I’d much rather hear from someone with hundreds of hours on the 8K rather than a guy who had a 30 min demo.
  4. On that topic, those first 230 units as well as the next batches; will they be shipped as soon as completed or will shipping take a while longer? (Since this could mean that backers may have the M2 already fairly soon but the closed beta NDA would still be up; that wouldn’t make any sense.)
  5. Please explain why the 5K would have better performance than the 8K ? Since both get the same amount of pixels pushed from the pc; difference being that the 8K upscales them.
  6. Any update on the accessories? Specifically: Will the 8K M2 come with any accessories? (built-in eye-tracking, hand tracker, … ? We know the M1 unit had the hand tracker at least.
  7. What about backers that got the “full package”? Will they first receive the headset already if they choose to get it early?
  8. Assuming all the stretch goals will come later, please make it possible to pick and choose a package when the 8K gets put up for pre-order on the website.
  9. Question about that actually: When will the 8K be put up for pre-order? (not looking for a date, more like “after all backer units are delivered” or something)

Hope we can get some of these answered and added to the FAQ in the update post! Thanks for the detailed update once more :slight_smile:

Remaining questions from the community