Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


Actually the most important information for me would be on the most popular game titles what GPU is necessary as a minimum to run 170 fov and what is necessary to run full fov without stuttering for AMD and Nvidia brands. A ball park figure for different requirements of the 5k would do then.

We might very well to have to upgrade when the market for new GPU is seeing some turbulence or longer delivery times.
For the last gen the launch day buyers were rather the lucky ones…


LOL. I didn’t even know they had a native VR app. I was using Virtual Desktop and was downloading whole files before playing them haha. It did help with making selections though but having a streaming service would be great


if you’re running win 10 there’s a good chance that your old installation will simply boot in your new hardware. That is the one thing about Win 10, it is reasonably resilient to that.


I’m right there with you. I bought a 1080ti for the 8K last january but still run a i5 3570K on an Extreme 4 Z77 mobo. It’s the best CPU that mobo can do. But some super awesome VR experiences completely flat out my CPU and gives me stutters and horrible loading. I hate it but I’ve already spent so much money on my rig… And I don’t suppose there’s a good market for second hand overclockable CPU’s and mobo’s. And probably also the memory.


I’m running an i7-4790K Overclocked to 4.5Ghz (with WC). I plan on getting the 1180 (maybe 1180ti if it releases soon enough) - you reckon the cpu will be the new bottleneck then, for something like FO4 VR?


Thanks for the summary!

Answers to the questions have been added in the original update:


Fantastic, thank you so much :slight_smile: !

So as I understand it, you will update us on the status of hardware based on M2 testings. You’ll then know if hardware revisions are still needed or not before shipping the M2’s. So the backers could then decide to wait for the final version (and updated software by then) or not. - any M2’sleft over will be sold to business customers. I think that’s absolutely perfect.

Hmm so if the 230 units are per batch, the big question here is… how long does it take to manufacture “a batch” :smiley: ?

Testers don’ thave the M2 yet, that’s a bit sad. Considering how long the M1 took to arrive, this may be a significant wait :confused: But it’s all for the best in the end.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer the questions! Very much appreciated :slight_smile:


yeah in all this there has been absolutely zero word on their brainwarp tech.


We will ship the new testing units to the M2 testers asap. stay tuned for the official product reports, the backer-only meetup impressions, and tester in-depth reviews. :vulcan:


“If the backer meetups won’t have NDA, why not drop the NDA for the testers as well?
Even though for the meetups there will be general impressions, the testers have accumulated hundreds of hours playing different games with different graphics cards.
Please stay tuned for the in-depth reviews from testers.”

@xunshu I hope pimax drop the NDA for the beta testers at least at the same time of the meetups. They are working hard and seeing people making reviews of 5 minutes testing when they cant say any word, its realy unfair. It is clear that some beta testers are very sad and disappointed.


Testers can share their impressions about the onsite experience as well.

Where would you like/want a backer meetup to be held in?

In the added update you answer this:

Please explain why the 5K would have better performance than the 8K with GTX1070?
A: rendering at 6K or 8K, then downscale to 5K, and finally 5K upscale to 8K.
B: rendering at 5K, then 5K upscale to 8K.
The visual quality with A rendering path is much better than B.
that’s why the supersampling works well.
That’s why with 1070 graphics cards, 5K performs better than 8K.

Do you maybe just mean ‘looks’ better? Because performance is a word almost exclusively used for FPS.

But I understand performance in terms of quality experience is a valid way of using the word but it’s confusing to many.


@xunshu When can you announce the meetup locations and calendar ?


“Please explain why the 5K would have better performance than the 8K with GTX1070?
A: rendering at 6K or 8K, then downscale to 5K, and finally 5K upscale to 8K.
B: rendering at 5K, then 5K upscale to 8K.
The visual quality with the rendering path A is much better than B.
that’s why the supersampling works well & with 1070 graphics cards, 5K performs better than 8K.”

Cant understand very well. A its the rendering of 8k and B the 5k?

A has better visual but worst perfomance and B worst visual and better perfomance?


A and B are two different ways of rendering.


The location is not confirmed yet, but we will announce asap.


Really? Back in the day an old boot drive on a new motherboard used to have a brain fart if you tried that as the OS is tied to ID’s from your older hardware (for copy protection).

Is this also possible switching between Intel and AMD? I need/want the AMD Threadripper 32 for work and play.


GTX 1070 is 26 months old already.
By the time ALL 8K owners get their cards, it may 28-30 months old.

The fact then, it’ll struggle to run an 8K headset on all games with optimal settings is really no fault of Pimax.

One thing to remember is the new 1180/2080 Nvidia cards will get ‘price gouged’ once initial stock runs out (within a few days unless pre-ordered) probably to around $1000 dollars for a $699 MSRP in the first few months of release. Sadly this always happens with the advent of the Internet and cannot be avoided due to supply Vs demand.

Personally, I’d buy a used 1080Ti at that point anyway, as it looks like that will be fine for the 8K model unless you need 4K 60 on ultra using a monitor, a 1080Ti is fine for non VR too.


yes but whats the diference between the 5k and 8k? why 8k has worst perfomance. dont understand. 5k has one rendering and 8k other? 8k its rendering A and 5k rendering B?


This is what many backers are hoping/fearing about the coming time line. Is it correct?