Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


We are still optimizing the software for both 5K and 8K, we will give more detailed explanation in our official reports when the features fixed.


Hmm that doesn’t seem right?

So the testers can’t say anything unless they go to a meetup to test the M2?
I understand the NDA on the M1 can remain but the testers should be allowed to talk about the M2 in detail.
This will be a lot more valuable and trusted information compared to some backers impressions from a short demo…?


~230 ongoing and 700 one month later. The #/month after that depends on many factors, but will speed up in general.


Why? 5K has a lower resolution so less horsepower from the GPU is needed. Ergo you can increase the visual quality.

Think of a 2016 laptop Intel iGPU playing a game.

720p on High settings getting 24 fps or 1080p on low settings and an unplayable 8fps. Yes side by side, the 720p looks awful, but it’s playable and thus is a ‘better experience’.

So the ‘better experience’ using a 1070 GPU would be using a 5K instead of the higher resolution 8K model.


Yes, 5K has lower resolution but they both get the same (2K*2) signal sent to them from the PC. the 8K upscales it to 4K *2, whilst the 5K does not. That’s why we are wondering why the 5K would see better performance.


As mentioned in previous posts, there is little to gain by allowing testers to talk about old experiences and issues during M1 testing that are now fixed.

The worry of old news, now fixed getting out in the wild could be completely avoided by a dated change log on a static page (not a forum post) so everybody, backers, testers, reviewers, nay-sayers, supporters, haters etc have an official undisputed source of where things stand to the very latest iteration. It also shows how much work has gone between iterations and goes a long way to proving that a company works hard to fix their products.

If info is too technical for the average punter then it can also be abbreviated down to a “whats new” page.


This is a very good idea and will help Pimax tremendously in the coming times


Could we then assume the upscaler on the 8K has issues that the 5K does not. Maybe bandwidth, heat, load or whatever but as that is the only difference, it has to be an 8K bottleneck of some kind?


Yeah youe right.

Windows for a long time now is bonded to the motherboard. While you can change cpu/ram/gpu. They must be compatible with the MB windows license is signed to.

You used to be able to get Microsoft to Authorize the license to be transfered to another MB ie if MB died with some hassle. Not sure about now though.


That’s why I suggested to not have an NDA on the M2 unit. Seeing as this is what the backers will see at the meetups, and in all likelyhood will also be the version at least the first backers will get (if they want it)… why would there still need to be an NDA on it?


But supposedly some testers received the m2 version, i can be wrong but sweviver and mrtv must be two of them. if the problem its talking about m1 drop the nda to the testers that received m2 even if they dont go to the meetups.


Yeah I know what you mean. Another scenario could be the Testers are privy to company secrets revealed when M1 went to M2. It sounds like they have overcome many issues getting to M2, that could be very valuable to a competitor (R&D is a company asset) if a tester can talk about how they found the problem, came up with a solution and how that fixed it.


Possibly needs more compression of some kind


Testers can still be under an NDA with regards to M2 but at least have some scope to talk more openly about other things surely? This would make sense in regards to any company secrets Pimax wishes to keep.


I think that timeline looks like a sensible to optimistic projection, given the update. So given “real” shipments look like starting in September, I wonder whether any of the peripherals/addons will be ready at the same time? It would be nice to think some parallel development/testing has been going on, whilst the HMD itself has been refined.


+1 for this thread title.
Maybe we should use this more :joy:


If you already have the TI the 1180 will probably only be about 15% faster. Titan V only gets about 10 fps extra over the TI, and im betting that 1180 will be between the TI and Titan V.


Sending out hardware before software done at this stage makes for a good business plan as long as done by request ,the open market will be one step closer


True, but then again we’re not asking for the inside details about all that.

We want to know what the M2 is like. And for those early backers, they want to know if that it something they want now; or they should wait, if more hardware changes are coming.

Of course, I’d like to know also what problems the M1 had, or even what they were working on during the first 6 months of this year :slight_smile: but none of that really matters in the long run.


it strikes me as absolutely bizarre we are rendering at 8k, downscaling to get it across the cable and then upscaling.