Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07


That’s the 8K and a different cable will be the 8K-X. And it all was split because of todays GPU specs. You want a 8K-X but it will only be usefull in the coming years


There are not AMD 12 nm graphic boards because they have slides so perhaps you are right and in spring 2019 we have a new Nvidia Titan 7 nm.

Nvidia 1180 could be a Pascal Refresh with new memories and at the end of 2019 or in 2020 we have 1180 ti


Do you mean the user can select which of these they are using OR is pimax 8k always using render mode A and pimax 5k always using render mode B?


but they are literally rendering the image at 8k and downsampling it before sending. so it would be rendering at the native panel resolution of the 8kx and have that same gpu load. this is literally the first time that it has been suggested that the gpu load of the 8k would be higher than 1440 per eye.


How will you select the 230 backers to try the 8K M2 ??


I hope not. I also plan to upgrade to an 1180Ti and my CPU is only an i7-4770 at 3.4 GHz.


Downsampling overrides the render resolution (for antialiasing purposes). So the game engine will render at whatever the SS size is set too. This is how we can render higher (or lower in this case) than the native display resolution without actually changing the display resolution. Then the scaler makes it fit the native panel size.


I think you misread that. Why would they do that?

It’s optional to crank up SS, not standard


‘‘Please explain why the 5K would have better performance than the 8K with GTX1070?
A: rendering at 6K or 8K, then downscale to 5K, and finally 5K upscale to 8K.
B: rendering at 5K, then 5K upscale to 8K.
The visual quality with the rendering path A looks much better than B.
that’s why the supersampling works well & with 1070 graphics cards, 5K performs better than 8K.’’

my guess is that rendering at 5k and upscaling straight looks like jaggy poop.


It’s all in limbo until the greenlight is given. Pimax can’t produce any real quantities until this happens. We have no way to know how well they can ramp production up until they start to do that and therefore know idea if this chart is feasible (even if it had a scale and how dumb is that?)

We are no more updated than we were when they shipped M1 to testers. Except that for this backer (6752), it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas before I see this thing.

The rest all seems to be busy work. Tell them we have fixed things and are working hard. Tell them we are confident. Tell them we don’t have anything new to add until the beta testing is finished. Tell them we will have another update and give more information soon. Same ol same ol.
Compared to a month ago
-do we know when the hardware will be final? -no
-do wo know the actual capability of the production line to produce a given number /month? -no
-do we know anything about actual performance? -no
-do we know anything new about Brainwarp? -no
do we know anything new about the 90hz efforts? -no

Indeed the only thing I can see is, it seems likely that this gets dragged out until all the rest (controllers and base stations) catch up and the rest is the same situation we have been in since May.
I hope Pimax sees fit to update us with tangible information soon. The rest of this is just “busy work” I suspect to keep us occupied until they spill the beans. We still await proper clarification on so many fronts from what was found and fixed during beta to what the actual production capabilities really are.
There may be an observation or two that offers some insight that comes from meet ups and I am sure those lucky enough to get a look will find it interesting, but since these meetups don’t affect the beta evaluations and greenlighting the hardware, they are hardly worth the effort and expense as far as advancing to mass production goes.
Pimax just please continue the beta testing and finish the darn hardware and let’s get this assembly line up to speed.
As for all those corporate clients willing to take leftovers while some wait for improved software, forget that. I doubt many will wait on software fixes after the hardware is cleared. There shouldn’t be any leftovers this year based on the poor chart without any scale (assuming /month here). That is unless Pimax is planning to let some of it’s corporate clients jump the line ahead of backers which would be unfair.


Maybe. But I have the Pimax 4K which is also a 4K screen but upscaled. I don’t consider the image bad at all.
Although I do SS for better image but without it it’s still fine and not ugly.


From what I gather…it isn’t 230 backers it’s 230 headsets being sent to various locations for all backers to try


Yes, it seems like that, you are right, 230 units production.


I think Pimax is wasting too much time in testing, with M1 testers feedup is enought to know and solve those problems, now more backers testing … when will finish the testing phase ??? 2 more months to start shipping … now I got lost :unamused:


I’m glad they ironed out more of the issues with the lenses. And the software looks like it might not be “rage quit bad” now. I want my HMD meow like everyone else, but I’d rather get the badass product we were promised than something frustratingly almost awesome =/

tl;dr Keep testing Pimax! Good work!


I also had the same experience with the 4k that was running with an “old” graphic card (I sold it when news about the 8k came out) and I think the same, thats why I am (was…?) confident about not having a very last graphic card.
Actually I have a 1060 ^^


Your absolutly right. Pimax is just buying more time with this update. By introducing another roadshow they can drag this out as long as they like. The testers sign off is more than enough to get things underway


Yes that’s also the purpose of ss render higher res for better input res quality picture after downsampled.

So with that in mind to have the 5k input image look good after upsampled to 8k it needs a better quality 5k image.


I understand that you (and others) are impatiently waiting for your headsets. However, you seem to think that Pimax wants to delay things for no good reason. That cannot be true; no company wants to delay getting a product out to retail. They don’t make any more money until they can sell more headsets.

As someone who does software development for a living, I can assure you that if the “big” problems were all solved, testing would quickly cease. It’s not enough to report problems; once they have been (supposedly) fixed, the solution needs to be retested, to verify that the problem is indeed fixed and that there were no side-effects that trigger new problems.


Re read the update. Imho while equals sometime til roadshow(s) dates. It reads like backers may choose to have units ship with the understanding software is not considered finalised (Early Adopter).

As it said will show how to adjust settings & such.

Yes we will have to wait on the results of this leg if the race once complete. This updste does provide some meat; just perhaps lacking mashed potatoes & desert. :beers::relieved::+1::sparkles: