Camera add-on, Vive-Pro-Style?



Hi guys,
common problem (I guess): I need to type something on my keyboard whilst in VR.
Current Options:

  1. Squint aside my nose like a retard
  2. Take the HMD off or push it upwards and let my hair mess up the lenses

I guess something like the cameras on the Vive Pro would be a nice solution to switch to the real world. Do you guy know any kind of camera that would work as an addon?


There is a third option…shave all your hair off :slight_smile:


If steam vr is running you can press the bottom button select the desktop tab and use the virtual keyboard. The trigger may not work for all selection but you can point with the controller and select by clicking the mouse. Hope this is some help.


But I do hope there is a good camera option in the future. I believe that has been one missing option on vr. The vive camera was a joke and is nearly useless.


For hair welder’s beanie works well. Vive pro style camera checkout zed mini


Reality blender is a good camera augment. Zed mini would need a remodel but might be a good add on.


Yeah, that’s what I thought of. I’ve seen the Zed before, but could not remember the name.

Also, with such camera, I could see how mad the wife is yelling at me, before I take the HMD off.


Thanks for the hint, but that’s not what I am looking for.
The actual purpose is the ingame chat of Assetto Corsa. I wouldn’t want to use a virtual kb for that.


There was also something on using a vive tracking puck attached to a keyboard.

Reality blender(free in steam) if it can use a web cam might be able to overlay keyboard position in vr.