Can anyone help checking when can i receive my pimax?order num:P123279


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support

i have try email,support and many other ways and get nothing.


Be patient, things will be fine.
I am also a pre-order of November and I want a working HMD. Some Kickstarter get it with bad display cable. Kickstarter are waiting for a long time and start to be little stubborn children. I hope the Pimax girls and boys have nerves like wire ropes. :wink:


Same here.
I’m getting old waiting for an answer.:man_facepalming:


I was also wondering about status, although I am honestly not expecting anything before March at the earliest. Ordered in October, P121xxx.

I thought to ask via the Feedback system, but didn’t hear back for six weeks. Now they seem to respond pretty quickly, at least within 24 hours. However, the last answer a week ago didn’t really clarify much :smiley:

Having given them my order number, they simply said, “if you order today it will arrive by March” :thinking: But my order number should show I ordered in October, didn’t you check it before replying…??


hope you hear something as I’ve decided to give it 1 to 1 and a half week latest. I no longer wish to deal with the unknown. By then if no item delivered i shall be canceling and order/purchase when everything settles from ppl receiving items ordered/preordered in a timely, known and fashionable manner and hopefully also they have defects ironed out. If i get lucky starvr will make way into the competition by then and i get to pick who to commit to

Good luck