Can i use 5m extended cable HDMI v2.0b with my Pimax 4K?


My Video Card is: MSI Gtx 1080 Ti Armor OC
Can i use 5m extended cable HDMI v2.0b with my Pimax 4K?

And this is the link:

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Basically each and every cable should work with with 1080p resolution in piplay settings. 1440p requires good cable, i cant advise any as i always used my 4k in full hd.


It does say it can feed a 4k signal so should handle 1440p. If it doesn’t then I would be sending it back… But the description does sound like it should work.


My pimax resulotions is now 1440p X 2560p per eyes with hdmi extended cable v1.4 5m with a good hdmi repeater v1.4b but it must be 1920p X 2160p per eyes. For it i will change hdmi cable as in the picture.because this cable hasn’t got limitation for 4K. it will may be not work. i don’t know. i will just try. But i saw a friend in this forum he used this cable but his cable is Hdmi 2.0a. i don’t buy this one because i think 2.0b better than 2.0a. Am i right?


4K*2K Repeater and Male to Female Active HDMI/USB Extension may be all that’s needed but it wasn’t so on my side (flickering/no display)

Had to revisit this some time ago after setting up Vive Tracking on the Pimax 4K.

All of this is connected and working with 2560x1440 enabled:

HTC Vive Link Box w/ Compatible Power Adapter
15ft Cable Matters USB 3.0 M
6ft Cable Matters USB 3.0 F Extension
15ft Active USB Repeater
20ft Amazon Basics HDMI M
15ft Monoprice Active RedMere HDMI M - This cable has a Source & Display Side indicated with Labels.
4K *2K Repeater

Connect 20ft Amazon Basics HDMI (From VR PC) To HTC Vive Link Box (PC)
Connect 15ft+6ft USB 3.0 Extension (From VR PC) To HTC Vive Link Box (PC)
Connect 15ft Active USB Repeater To HTC Vive Link Box (VR)
Connect 15ft Active USB Repeater To Pimax 4K
Connect 15ft RedMere HDMI (Source Side) To HTC Vive Link Box (VR)
Connect 15ft RedMere HDMI (Display Side) To 4K *2K Repeater (Input)
Connect Pimax 4K To 4K *2K Repeater (Output)
Connect Power To HTC Vive Link Box (PC)


For my 4K, I bought

along with a male/male extension cord of 2-3m.

My Odyssey didn’t work with the repeater, so I bought

Should test if the 4K works with this too.


Blaz My friend i don’t understand you please explain it good. Which one is worked? Club 3D’s Male to Female Hdmi Cable or Deloc and male to male Hdmi Cable on your Pimax 4K?

I am so sorry for my english is not good to understand you well.


Okey now i understand you i am very sory for that man :slight_smile: Your Samsung Odyssey doesn’t work with deloc hdmi repeater and hdmi cable male to male and you bought club 3D male to female and this was worked and you did not try this Club 3D’s hdmi cable on your Pimax 4K yet. Am i right?


if this cable worked my cable will work too bacuse they have same tecnology. But your cable is litle bit more expensive than my cable and short. My cable is 5m. i bought it from aliexpress and it will takes to come to me totally one month :frowning:


Yes, you are correct. I can definitely say that without a 4k repeater, a standard hdmi extension cable will not work for your Pimax 4K. But technically, a high speed 2.0 HDMI extension cable should. Will test mine this weekend!


Thank you man i am waiting for your test if you will share your experience on this platform i will be very happy thank you again. Good Luck!


I can definitely say it works. Will see if performance is impacted.