Can I use the headset without controllers and basestations


In my survey is a message that the controllers and base sattions will come in april.
Can I use the headset without them?
For example in the game project cars with a controller.


Yes the headset has inbuilt gyro tracking. Fine for sim games but its not full positional tracking


I don’t think. Most likely it is impossible


Yes. It should be reasonable for seated games. You will only have rotational tracking (not positional), so you can turn your head, but not lean or walk around.


Really? I never heard about that. Where did you get this info? Source plz…


It was answered on Kickstarter comments several times.

I don’t think they said it anywhere else.


Yes you can use the HMD without the controllers. But you are limited in the number of VR games you can use. VR Games that require keyboard/Mice or a Xbox controller like Subnautica will work just fine. Car sims like DiryRally or Cockpit games like Elite Dangerous also don’t require a base station and hand controllers. Those VR games can also work with Hostas and/or PC steering wheels.


This would be ok for me. I coul play project cars.
But it would be even harder for me to wait on the controllers and basestations to arrive.


I’m in the camp that feels waiting an additional two months to receive knuckle controllers instead of the wand controller and having choice between thumbpad and stick is well worth it!!! I’m also super happy that Pimax isn’t going to make backers of the full set wait longer to receive the HMD!!!

You need to remember, at the beginning of the KickStarter for the 8K, Pimax was only offering wand controllers. During the kickstater campaign enough backers asked Pimax to change to Knuckle controllers which they agreed too. Two months… fine by me if we are receiving vastly improved controllers! Thank you Pimax!!!


This morining i decided for all at april.
And now i cant change it…
What a fail.


Contact Pimax support. They can probably change it. They were very helpful when I contacted them (for a different issue). That’s one of the reasons I decided to pledge.


With email or kickstarter?


I used the Support link on the main Pimax page. It’s mostly in Chinese, even with the English option selected, so I translated it using Google… Anyway, here’s the email address:


From another topic


So, can I use Pimax for DCS World seated position? Is it still 6 DOF? Thanks for any info.

But even so it is quite easy to obtain a base-station from a third party vendor as it’s the generic Vive station AFAIK.


I thought we get at least the base stations along w/ the HMD by FEB and that those that have the Vive’s Lighthouses already get it on JAN. If not, then what is the point of getting the HMD by FEB? You can’t play with it without the base stations. By the way, shouldn’t the Lighthouse version 2.0 out by FEB then? Anyway, I am disappointed with the misleading DELIVERY DATE.


And as you’ll be disappointed when the date will slip a few times.


If the product gets better with more time I would wait 1-2 months more.

So the support changed my order date in english! :slight_smile:

I cant wait to play seated games.


The delivery dates are estimations and more times than not, they are not met & back up plans for the back up plans is good practice.

If the HMD arrives without controllers or basestations I’ll find me some used stuff and keep it moving or risk being annoyed at what can’t be used properly.


Exactly. That’s what @matthew.xu needs to confirm. Will the base stations be delayed to April?