Can we connect 4 projectors to 1 pc?



That makes no sense. The picture has to move with you


I have ordered the above.

As for circular play area, if you do the math with the measurements i wrote up there in my sketch , it would become a very narrow play area that my projectors would not be able to project in it becasue of their crappy too narrow field of view


You just would loose the corners?



it would be a circle of 4ft diameter

No way my projectors would be able to project properly on 100 inches panels (5ft tall panels) in this narrow space with me at the center blocking even their light beams

What rooscale would I have in a such narrow circle play area. It would be a claustrophobic circle.

It would be nice to do what u are saying, but I have no such room space for doing it and I need much more expensive projectors with wide fov


The Beamers should be over your head.
It’s late here can discuss this tomorrow :grinning:


Do you understand that there is math behind the proper installation of any projector and it all depends from the projector throw ratio and room size?

It is not going to work.

I have posted what projectors I am using. U are welcome to do the math based on my projectors throw ratio , my small room space and my hight (1.78cm) blocking the projectors beams

My two projectors are $80 dollars projectors…Image how crap of a throw ratio they have lol

When I started thinking about this idea, I thought using a projector was about buying whatever and putting it in front of a white screen. I completely ignored the fact that there is math behind the proper installation of projectors based on the project we want to accomplice.

In my case, with small space and standing around my play area, I would need very expensive projectors that would project the image on projector panels , being very close to the panels, so that I am not standing in between the light of the projector and the screen.

The more I shrink my play area, the more I am going to be screwed with this project , because in need of more expensive projectors :frowning:


I can see what you mean here. It could work of sorts. Though as you physically turn the corner between screens will have an effect of not lining up until you facing the new screen.

@nukular I see what effect he’s attempting but will have potentially stitching issues as you move from screen A to B to C to D. At least with clone displays. Extended or circular would likely neex game support to create a 360 enviroment. Where as Marco is using cloned screens so as long as he makes 90° turns his viewpoint will only maybe suffer until he is facing new screen.


The difficulty is that the projector needs to project on a more flat rectangle/square where as round would distort the image.


I hear you. Problem with projection for the project your doing. Would need a larger room imho to achieve this. Having the projectors directly above you. You could have them project outside your screen cube & reflect off a mirror to project on the rear side of the screen. Ie rear projection.

This would get rid of your body from blocking the projector beam. But as mentioned creates other issues like requiring a larger room to have your play cube.


The picture will move with me because when i turn , thanks to the cinemizer headtracking, the character in game will move and i would still have the video game footage in front of my eyes when looking at 1 of the 4 panels around me


If I would be able to have the 4 screens with no gaps 1 another, and if i would be able to not block the light emitted by the projectors, i would be able to limit the problem of turning and not having a gameplay in front of my eyes (ie. When facing the 4 corners of the 4 panels)



I had just been thinking around whether a few mirrors might be able to turn your projectors into short throw.


Do the mirrors have to be a certain way?


I was thinking of using mirrors to mount the projector above the wall it projects on, just like the ultra short throw ones. Possibly using 2 mirrors, although 1 is possible.

As long as your projector can display reverse image (most do I think) then no special placement of mirrors- just got to line them up the way you want to display. Correction of display angles can again be adjusted at the projector.


I think i have great news guys!

Like you guys suggested, using a mirror, i can solve the problem :slight_smile:

Look how close i put the projector in front of the mirror and look how big the screen has been projected on my ceiling

The cealing of my house is not smooth, this is why we see a grainy pc game image

At this point i think i can actually even leave each projector on the floor, right in front of a mirror positioned (each projector would have their own mirror) right in front of the projector panel

As soon as i get the stands i will test and let you know :slight_smile:

Thank you so so so much , guys !

I have a question about the mirror.

The mirror i have used is a width = 27" by height=22" mirror.

What changes if the mirror is bigger or smaller?
The goal is to put the projector as close as possible to the mittor and both mirror and projector as close as possible to the 100" projector panel to obtain a projected image on the panel that occupies as much as possible of the 100" panel


Some more testing .

I have used just 1 mirror reflecting at the same time the same image projected by 2 identical projectors .
I have forgotten to flip the image on 1 of the 2 projectors, so you see the lady looking at opposite directions while she should be looking /facing in the same direction.

Also the next step when getting the panels holder is to lift the panels to have the projectors emits the light from underneath the panel and the mirror would be closer to the panel and reflect the projector light into the panel.

Let’s see if in the end the whole thing is worthed or not


If only there were small projectors that were affordable, you could put something like that within a motorcycle helmet, and have 2 projectors (1 per eye) in an Nvidia surround setup to project onto the curved glass of a helmet, like this.

Pico projectors, tiny mirrors, and home theater screen paint over the inner face of the helmet.

Perhaps this tiny projector?

You could potentially use one of these for a good mirror to mount. If you remove the padding from a helmet there would be plenty of room for cooling, and to house the micro projector.

You could even use this as opposed to the mirror I linked above to get a mirror inside the helmet at the optimal space/shape needed, but with no added hardware or weight. The projector doesn’t even need to have a high luminosity, because it would be within a helmet.


This site might be able to help you with what you are seeking to achieve.


Hi! Thank you so much for the idea. Can we please talk about it a litle more together ?

Would then this be similar to thise cinemizer glass thst have hdmi iinput and show the video on oled screens that make you play in a game like you are watching projector 's panel at a certain fistance from our eyes?

Also , would this light of this tini projector be too close to our eyes/curved surface of the helmet and hurt our eyes?

I like the idea. It is cool. Just thinking how to put it in practice :slight_smile: