Can we Have this verified?



Valve has had this limitation in place. HTC even confirmed it in their forum awhile back that Valve is in control of supply & essentially sales.


Really depends on how well the contract wss made & reviewed. Companies often try to slip in clauses that benefit them ie clever loop holes.


My guess is they never had a contract, just an agreement over the phone or during a karaoke night, hence getting a quotation of MOQ and price by the supplier.
The window of opportunity in 2018 was when the LHs for the Vive Pro were in production, with the Index entering the market things are looking up.


Tired of Pimax ,and their mumbo jumbo PR talk about “syncing” the release of base stations and controllers which means we won’t get them for another 4 months at least…Valve, take my money. Yea I’m Canadian hear me roar. Ship to Canada, we’re ready to buy.


Seems like a crap load of backers waiting for base stations would meet any MOQ. Wonder what would be happening if Pimax had delivered back in 2017/2018


The curiousity being that we were told the kickstarter Order was placed & closed. That was why folks switching 8k to 5k couldn’t add a Lighthouse due to Valve restricting LH sales to packages only. So in theory the moq should have = the Kickstarter as the order was placed.

So supplier mustn’t have been able to meet order quantity (guess).


As pimax’s overall situation evolved after the kickstarter and they dealt with it hanging on by the seat of their pants most of us realise that they have always simply created a narrative that put themselves in the most positive light to buy time rather than have a solid development / delivery timeline. A far cry from what they were claiming during the kickstarter in order to acquire new backers.

am I jaded…took a while but yep. Still love my 5K+ and what’s to come hardware and software wise but the shiny glean is gone. Now, I just want my sh*t.


What’s to stop Pimax building LH 1.0 themselves like HTC?

So @PimaxUSA does this mean Pimax has no Base Stations at all and no future plan to build or aquire BS from else where?

Personally I already have 2x1.0 Lighthouses and I’ve ordered the full Index pack so getting 2.0 from Valve. I still enjoy my 5k+

I don’t see Pimax releasing the Headstrap or the other stretch goals because of the huge financial hit they’ll take. Valve, Reverb and RiftS are here and Pimax has simple run out of time. The window of opportunity is closing and without a complete package Pimax are high and dry. You can’t sell a headset and tell your customers to go buy the supporting accessories from a rival company.

Sadly I feel Pimax are back at square one - pre Kickstarter.


You certainly ran to a great extent with that. As with any new product the accessories required a lot of engineering, planning and negotiation. LH 1.0’s were/are not possible and nobody actually manufactures new ones at the moment. This boiled down to simply causing us to sync the deliveries of the controllers and LH.

At CES I mentioned I think all items with the exception of wireless will be in peoples hands this summer with the next deliveries being LH and controllers.

Here is a little more detail. Since January the timeline has only experienced two changes the first is a small one with the syncing of two items (LH and Controller) and the hand tracking due to the supplier having considerable difficulty delivering the IC’s. Even with the wireless adapter I regularly see messages from engineering teams working on it each week. I’ve been able to see and try each accessory piece and the level of improvement for each iteration has been amazing. Really the engineering and firmware teams are unsung heroes.


yea but most likely I’ll be experiencing your competitor’s controllers before sword sense, and that just tarnishes and deflates the Pimax brand and experience in my opinion…not what I wanted or expected but that’s the reality.


Photos or it did not happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, picture of the delux head strap, it would be nice to see what it looks like, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::rofl::sunglasses::+1::ok_hand:


Can’t step on the headline as they say. I think the RAS will compare favorably with anything out there.


Is that a confirmation that the wireless adapter is actually a working, if beta, pieces of hardware at this time?


So that’s a no then, is it even a thing yet or is it still just a 3D rendering ?


I’ve actually worn different iterations a few times. Worked great for me but comfort for a wide variety of head shapes is challenging.


For anybody as confused as me about the term and the sudden change of subject, it should refer to Rigid Audio Strap.

I was theorizing if it meant really good audio strap.



So it been 10 days and still no news, or were you just stalling for more time ?


Yes we would like to know:-

Is the base station MOQ 65,000?
If yes - Did Pimax purchase 65,000 base stations?
If yes - When did Pimax purchase said base stations?
When did Pimax taken delivery of said base stations?
When will Kickstarter Backers get their base stations?
Will base stations be available to buy separately for everyone else?
How much will said base stations cost?