Cancel my order - P122852



I have been trying to cancel my order for over 2 weeks now and i have been told its cancelled but nothing actually is cancelled… i am still yet to receive a refund…

Do i have to report to my credit card company as fraud?

Pimax are very quick to take the money off you but not so fast to refund…

How to do i get a refund please??

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


I have increased your user level & added pokes to pimax yeam members.

Click on one of their names to send a private message.

Include Support Desk ticket numbet (supen) & your pre order number.


i have just same problem. i will wait one week more and then have to call to credit card company. P122642 my pre order number.


The financial department will arrange refund process today,you can check your account tomorrow.


I received your request already,we will refund you in 5 days.


Please update the daily production report.


Hello , I have the same problème for cancel my order ,
My SUPEN-1235 , this is the response of Pimax preorder : Dear tuan:

This order is in refunding process and you will receive your refund in 5-7 days.Thank you

Many thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR

Since 19 January I have nothing on my bank account from Pimax


A bit off topic, ay? :grin:


Our financial department has refund you.
Please check your account~your cancellation refund might back to your account already.


Please check your account


I check my bank account since 1 week and nothing coming…


Just checked and nothing yet, I have had an email and txt message stating I have a refund…

No money as of yet though



nothing . got refund message but didnt receive money . fuck this shit.


@Matthew.Xu can you help?


I did my order 24 december , you take my money 26 décembre , 2days !! And why is so long for refund ??, you ask why I change my mind for cancel my order? I think it’s good reason Pimax is not very serious !!! All French VR internet page like or Facebook needs to know about that !!!


Still no money back in my account… it could take a couple of days but as of yet nothing at all… how long does it normally take?


just checked , no money on account . :frowning:


I now have the refund but lost about 50 due to exchange rates I am guessing…

Glad to be out to be honest…


hello Dallas i have a question i pre order n use my mobile number as contact info after i finish the order it sed i will receive a text with confirmation# n tracking but i haven’t receive it yet can u help ? order# p12xxxx



I also need an order canceled… whats the best way to go about this?