Cancel order P124022 and refund PLEASE



I told Dallas I need my money back due to a personal emergency. I was told they’ll cancel my order and I’ll get refunded in 7 days. That was a month ago.

I also opened a ticket on where I only got the ‘we are looking into that’ type of answer several days ago.

If I ended up receiving the headset I’d sell it on eBay and get my money back, but I have no idea about the status of my headset nor about where is my money.

I did my best to appreciated Pimax would have been overwhelmed by too many requests from what they can manage, but when I see so many people frustrated and scratching their heads asking where their money gone, this is becoming hard to justify.

I doesn’t take so long to verify my details matches with my order cancellation request and get a refund. It can be made in 10 minutes but I have been waiting for months.
I will now have to request a loan and pay high interests to get the money I need to attend my emergency. Thanks Pimax

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give me your ticket number.


Thanks for replying.
This is the ticket number



ticket replied already.

you will be refunded soon I believe.


Yes, I know it was replied, as I stated on my initial post.

Problem is, people who asks to be refunded don’t want replies, wants refund.


you got my promise. dont worry this time.



This is to confirm I have finally received my refund.

This thread can be closed now.

Thanks to all involved.

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