Cancel P1682 order October 29, 2018 - NO ANSWER from support




I order PIMAX 5K BE on October 29, 2018, an today, March 14,2019 nothing …
I ask for a cancelation on February 14, 2019, and support answer me trying to change my mind … I kindly answer to their questions …
But since I clearly confirm to cancel my order, they did not answer anymore.

That’s clearly false advertising about possibility to cancel your order. It’s a shame really !
I will post my story on every forum if PIMAX don’t cancel my order an refund me quickly !




Hello I am in this situation as well p1410 ordered October 27 they keep on giving me the run around everything has been silent now they just don’t want to give me back my money going through charge back and paypal to get my money back it seems like a fight for what is mine this has been a really bad experience for me they certainly take the money fast enough hopefully people read this thread.



Same problem here, what kind of company is this?