Cancel/Refund for order P123909 (Update)



2 weeks ago I requested an order cancellation/refund of order # P123909 and I have received no replies.

I really don’t want to have to get my credit card’s fraud department involved so I would like this to be resolved in a friendly manner (since I believe that Pimax is genuinely a good company but that is handling unforeseen growth/demand very poorly).

If we could get some kind of answers, such as exactly WHEN the base station/controllers will be shipping, perhaps I wouldn’t want to cancel the order, but Pimax is not being forthcoming, communication is non-existent, and is listing products on the store to intentionally give the impression that these items can be ordered immediately and ship upon order (only the small single word “deposit” is listed). I had to do my own research on other VR websites to find out that the base stations/controllers are not actually shipping soon. This is simply not good business.

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Pimax had once written to me that we can expect only from the third quarter.

Probably sometime between October and December.

This was written to me a few weeks ago.


@benhollio Good Luck im in the same boat as you, im still waiting for a confirmation on my refund (its been over a week)

Edit: Just got my refund processed last night


UPDATE: I received an email from Pimax stating that my refund is being processed and I should receive the refund in 5-7 days. I’ll post an update here when I actually receive the money.

I’m not sure if the fact that I posted here had anything to do with the radio silence ending, but I suspect it did.

I really hope Pimax gets over these growing pains and becomes a better company. If so I’ll certainly become a Pimax customer in the future.


Yes, you can see “in stock” on their web site, it is olso written “delivered in about one week”. This is beyond unethical business, this is a scam.


Have you received your refund?
How did you you get the refund process started?


Yes, they processed the refund… finally… after I threatened to get my bank’s fraud department involved. I see they recently added the word “preorder” to the controllers/base stations. That’s a step in the right direction at least. I feel like these shady business tactics wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t operating from China though. Anywhere else in the world they would be being hit by false advertising lawsuits. At this point I recommend everyone just wait for the Valve Index.


I don’t like the fact that they don’t say what the total price will be. What if the price is unreasonable and you have the impossible task of getting a refund.


My posts have been censored, contacting my bank tomorrow and starting fraud proceedings. Am not dealing with them anymore.


Interesting, i olso warned them about issuing fraud and even had to do so after not getting replied for a week, then they replied but they still lie about where my product is or will be and refuse to give any info about refund.


Yes there are some people who close or delete negative experiences in this forum, and olso on their web site negative comments don’t get posted.


All I did was come to the defence of a fellow enthusiast that had been treated badly by them. I tried to be constructive and warn them that their behaviour is endangering their business. Everything I said was provable and true. This they discribed as “Offensive and inappropriate”. I will not support these fascists any longer. Valve index is shipping in June. That’s the way I’m going. I wish you good luck dealing with the fan boys on this site.


lack manpower before,
any question you can put it on Service Desk , and I will deal with it.


open a ticket on service desk , i will deal with it.


What “service desk”. As I stated in my last contact when I contact you through support. I have contacted my bank to retrieve my money as you stall when it comes to refunds and I am not going to give you the opportunity to send out your problematic product. Here we go with the stalling tactics. I warned you that if you send the hmd after this time, I will not take responsibility for its return… If “support” is incapable of a simple request like “cancel my order”, that is your problem. This is the last contact from me. My bank will handle the rest. I’m over playing your games.

you can find the link on the headline of this forum.


I cancelled my order. I’ve contacted my bank. Not buying into your runaround. End of story. GOODBYE.


supen-4092 23rd April. YOU said; Request for refund submitted. What more is there to say?


Wow, what a dumpster fire. You know, if China wants to improve their shady image it would do them well to crack down on companies like Pimax.


refund rejected,
logistic party just upgrade the information , said the delivery is estimated by May 2nd.