Cancel/Refund for order P123909 (Update)



2 weeks ago I requested an order cancellation/refund of order # P123909 and I have received no replies.

I really don’t want to have to get my credit card’s fraud department involved so I would like this to be resolved in a friendly manner (since I believe that Pimax is genuinely a good company but that is handling unforeseen growth/demand very poorly).

If we could get some kind of answers, such as exactly WHEN the base station/controllers will be shipping, perhaps I wouldn’t want to cancel the order, but Pimax is not being forthcoming, communication is non-existent, and is listing products on the store to intentionally give the impression that these items can be ordered immediately and ship upon order (only the small single word “deposit” is listed). I had to do my own research on other VR websites to find out that the base stations/controllers are not actually shipping soon. This is simply not good business.

@dallas.hao @doman.chen


Pimax had once written to me that we can expect only from the third quarter.

Probably sometime between October and December.

This was written to me a few weeks ago.


@benhollio Good Luck im in the same boat as you, im still waiting for a confirmation on my refund (its been over a week)

Edit: Just got my refund processed last night


UPDATE: I received an email from Pimax stating that my refund is being processed and I should receive the refund in 5-7 days. I’ll post an update here when I actually receive the money.

I’m not sure if the fact that I posted here had anything to do with the radio silence ending, but I suspect it did.

I really hope Pimax gets over these growing pains and becomes a better company. If so I’ll certainly become a Pimax customer in the future.