Cancel/Refund for order P123909 (Update)



LOL, You can reject it all you like. I said 7 days ago that I have cancelled with MY bank when it was NOT sent. I informed them of your STALLING TACTICS and that this probably might happen and they are prepared for it. I also warned you that if you do send it after this time, that I will NOT take responsibility for it’s return. All you had to do is be honest when dealing with me and I would have waited another year. Instead you decided to treat me like a fool, You censored my legitimate posts and now trying this. You really don’t understand business do you?


the logistics do not upgrade in time, I feel headache on it also,
what’s the meaning if I don’t be honest with you?
got hundreds customers to deal every day and I am always trying my best to solve the qs,
I’ve been inquiring your order status half an hour ago, to see if can refund you before long.


Not you personally but Pimax as a whole. At one time, according to Pimax, my order was in 3 different locations. 7 days ago I told you that I have contacted my bank and retrieving my money through my bank and you should immediately stop shipment as I will not accept it. It was NOT sent at this time. You replied that my application for refund has been submitted. 3 days later you told me to lodge my refund through your “service desk”. Was my application for refund submitted or not? If not, why did you tell me that it was? Now, a week later, you tell me that my refund has been rejected because you finally decided to send it AFTER I told you not to. By now, this is typically behaviour from Pimax. It’s not up to you to reject my refund, It’s up Visa. Good luck fighting them.


Hello Derek, I’ve cooled down a decided to take delivery and withdraw my application for a refund. I hope Pimax learn to deal with their supporters with a bit more respect. Thank you for your help.


So did you get your headset on may 2nd?