Cancel the pledge?!


LordEww and I have made an agreement, and I’ll take over his pledge. Great to have something exciting to impatiently wait for:grin:


Very nice. Win-win. Haha


I would be interested if you havent sold yet


Still looking to take over a pledge if anyone is interested in getting out


Does Pimax help facilitate this or … are you using the honor system ?


So I am looking into a few possibilities. If it is someone’s first kickstarter then we can give me a new password for the account and change the email out. This gives me access to contact them via kickstarter. After that we would have to contact them to change the name, address, and email in their system which I am told they can do in less than 24 hours. Honor system probably is half up front then half after the transition is complete I am assuming that would be best for both parties.


@mirq Is selling his pledge. You should contact him


We are in talks but I am nott sure if he is selling yet. No official deal has been made so I am letting people know I am still interested to talk with others about it if they want. First one to make a deal is who I will work with as I can only afford one pledge.


I am also interested in buying a pledge. Would prefer the X but would be interested in any. Let me know- thanks.


May have a hard time since M1 testing is almost started, however it does seem people are getting frustrated with the testing and how long it is taking. I finally purchased one. Word of advice is get screenshots and ask if this is the only kickstarter on their account and request if it is to turn it over to you. You can change the email and password. I paid half when that happened then he emailed support to get them to acknowledge the transaction and that now I am the owner of the pledge. Then I emailed them myself to verify and for them to send me a new survey since they don’t have a pledge manager. They acknowleged they will use my survey and send me everything. I then paid the rest of the agreed price. Hope that helps.


Thank you VERY much for the advice. I agree with your suggestions. I was on the other side of the equation before, and sold my pledge to someone. I had the STEM VR controllers. The transaction went smoothly- but we did do it through the creator.


As was said above to another buyer, the user mirq has been very vocal about wanting to sell his pledge. Given the latest updates from Pimax on the expected delivery dates he surely will want to get rid off it. I suggest you contact him and please also let us know here if he sold/sells it, so we do not refer more potential buyers to him any longer once he truly sold it off.


Yes, I sold it to Scy. Everything went smooth and clear.
Guess Pimax has nothing against selling. They have way much bigger problems to solve now.

I will keep an eye on this endeavor since this will make history. A bad or good one, we will see.


.[quote=“mirq, post:35, topic:5630”]
They have way much bigger problems to solve now.

Yes, but fortunately for us all you are not one of them now.


Unfortunately for you, their problems will transform into yours sooner or later. And guess what: you paid for that.


Sure, we will have to live with the good, the bad and the ugly of being a KS backer.

But I am honestly happy for you that you managed to sell your pledge because you seemed to be really unhappy about it, and this will take all pressure from you so you do not need to vent it in this forum anymore.

Enjoy your new liberty, and if the 8K delivers, you will surely read about it in the usual media (Road to VR are covering the 8K quite well) and can decide to buy it then, and otherwise you will probably not hear of it anymore.

See you.


By “us” who are you talking about? Not me, I could care less if someone wants to jump ship. His or Her call. No big deal. Certainly would not call them my “problem” for taking that position. I do not think Mirq is alone, many have sold and just not spoken about it openly here.


Not a problem for me at all, I understand how Kickstarter works as this is my 11th pledge and have 5 others on going. Every one has been late by varying amounts, some up to 18 months. If you can’t take that then don’t join the club. Its a big, nasty, tough, world out there, you may even end up with nothing so…if you can’t afford to lose it and have no patience then don’t back a KS project.


Exactly. I can understand if people want to sell their pledge. I mean Pimax promised to deliver initially January 2018. Now were almost in May and it seems that it’s now actually possible Pimax is not shipping out 2018 at all, but it might become next year. So with the realization of such new situation, why would it be weird to sell a pledge?

Of course I can also understand people who are just going to wait, I’m one of them myselves. But all this hatred like the comment you were replying to, that’s not necessary at all


No hatred from me, just a comment on the vitriol coming from mirq since he didn’t get his sweeties on time…