Cancelled preorder


Happy New year to all.

I decided to cancel my 5k+ pre order and sent an email to support@ and preorder@

Sent email on Sunday but no response. Anyone able to look into this please? It’s a considerable amount of money. Thank you.

I wish you all the best with yours when you get them.

@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


What made you decide to cancel if you dont mind me asking.


Can you tell me your email address and backer number for me to contact my colleague?


You replied to the wrong guy lol :rofl:


I’ve sent you a pm with my email and pre-order number



Black grid pattern pixels
Dead pixels / clusters of dead pixels
Audio jack bad connectivity
Flimsy construction / glued uneven seems
PiTool breaking optimisation / oculus software
Product and website launch a complete flop
Website hacked for months with virus
Black bars on outer edges
SDE still present
Sketchy communication / bad PR
It was never 200 degrees FOV
RMA could be very lengthy
Numerous over optimistic deadlines
Dirty boxes / grubby HMDs / uneven plastic tone
Quite expensive for what it is
Requires at least the top end graphics card which is another £1300
Future graphics cards required to touch large FOV

Numerous people reporting the above. Even YouTubers have received subpar products.

I’m a very patient person and don’t care how long things take as I have a vive to satisfy me. All of the above has made me lose faith in the company. Other factors come into play too, other companies possibly coming to market with HMD alternatives.

I made my decision and had no response to my email, so I came to the forums and I’m seeing even more negative posts about what people are receiving and then YouTubers posted about their problems just a day after I decided to ask for my refund.


I do admit that they shouldnt be having these type of problems.


I got my refund thanks. I lost £55 due to exchange rates between USD and GBP