Cannot get PiPlay to install


Im having issues getting the new PiPlay version to install, it downloaded properly but when I click “INSTALL”, it starts installing, then halfway through the install I get some window with the text in Chinese, it must be some kind of problem because there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside the same window as well. The only box to check is “OK”, but it never installs. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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pls close antivirus or any security software,and run the installation again.


Thanks for the reply. After further investigation I found that the entire update didnt download. Its working now. Thanks again


It is not worth. Piplay 3 has 10x more ghost. Stay in version 2.


When will we get the latest PiPlay (3.5? or 4.0?) be released, because this anterior was a worthless ( and which is still available :smiley:

Was there any date given for this new upgrade which is unknown so far?


Not sure if they have patched v3.x for full release with ghosting at least on par with v2.

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The ghosting is bad enough, an now an update that increases the ghosting? So I uninstalled the V3 and went to the website and downloaded the Is this a good version? Also does anyone know how to get the software to retain the last “checked” settings, like when I set the software to “cool tones” if I close the software it goes back to “unchecked”.


I’m also with and It’s the “best one” so far?
… if the 1.1.92 ain’t better in some cases?

And the second question of yours about settings; idk sry! :thinking:


For me, 1.1.92 suffers from the infinite loop detection problem. Sometimes it took an hour to get to use.


Do you have a favorite version? if so do you know where I can download, thanks


I too had experienced various bugs and difficulties when I installed my Pimax 4K , and installing ver. 3 of Piplay made the ghosting reasonably unacceptable.

I think improving Piplay and software side should be top priority secondly only to finishing the 8K design and optimization since Piplay still has various bugs and compatibility problems with Steam VR and other software.

@xunshu - I seriously Hope Pimax is really planning to invest more in the software side and Piplay to support the 5K/8K in the best way when it will come out.

Having a top notch, feature rich software and drivers is just equally important to make a winning product, otherwise it could potentially mean the ruin of any hardware, even it is the best available.