Can't get a reply to my emails



Hi, I’m kickstarter backer 2665. I’ve been trying to get an update on my headset for months now. I can see on the spreadsheet that it’s been shipped, but I never received a tracking number and I can’t get any replies to my emails. Is anyone there?
-William O’Driscoll
Kickstarter backer 2665

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


If you’ve filed a supen make sure your logging into the support desk & not replying to the notification email.


Hi, Our record shows that your headset had been shipped out at the beginning of Feb. I will look into what happened and feedback you later


Could you open a SUP,so that we can track more effectively.


Sure. I will admit that I hadn’t done that yet, because I had a somewhat irrational reluctance to make another account. Ah well, done now.


Why is this site not HTTPS? Transmitting clear text passwords seems iffy at best.