Caucasian Face Feature (NOSE)


Hi there, I just bought a Pimax 4k.
I know it’s designed in china by chinese, but you have to consider that western people have this feature in their faces called a “nose”. Also our face is not flat like yours. Please consider this while designing your products.
My nose isn’t that big and the headset is barely wearable as it hurts my nose a lot.


Hey. As a fellow Caucasian an easy fix goto the Dollerstore/hardware store. Buy peal n stick foam cut & add foam to the nose area.


Thanks, I glued a foam here too. I just wanted to remember the designers that noses do exist.


The 5k/8k i believe they have addressed this concern. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

& yeah alot of us do have big sniffers. :wink:


+1 Here. I had to make the same mod.


@zanzark Actually we have specially improved the design of the headset for overseas users before, the recent batches we sent out already with new gray sponge.


@zanzark I find your comment and the tone of the language very offensive. One could easily asked for such features using more respectful language.


I also felt offended when I bought a product and can’t use it because they forgot to consider this detail humans had for 70.000 years.