Center blur in one lens


My Pimax right side lens has a blurring in the vertical center. Image is clear in the left lens. I have normal eyesight. Is there a solution? Lenses are clean.
Defective optics lens? Possible to replace lens?

@Pimax-Support @bacon


Hi, sorry for inconvenience.

Please firstly let me know the series number of the label on the headset.

Have you adjusted the reasonable IPD (Interpupillary Distance) number in Piplay setting?
Please let somebody nearby to wear the headset to compare, thanks.


Hi yes ipd is fine. Confirmed blur with other set of eyes.
Serial # 10071171500952


Anything on this!? Its definitely an asymmetrical LENS DEFECT.
Also now after using the PIMAX for 10-15 minutes the screen goes blank
and the sound turns off, then the screen comes on again but with no Sound…


the latest Nvidia update fixed the blanking/sound problem. But right lens is still blurry…


Just do not hope to get it fixed by this company.
I have contacted support having the same problem and they refused any help…