CES 2018 - 8K Prototype details


Thankyou for echoing exactly what I just said.


So you contradicted yourself in the same sentence…Well done.


@xunshu Did you do any press demos today?


you can get a wireless adapter for vive and oculus now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsitYU2oNHs


I saw that. Apparently there is a TPcast plus? Or something. Also apparrently anyone with TPcast should look into Opentpcast saw in comments someone saying more stable.


Any idea when we might see some reviews coming in? Does the actual CES start tomorrow? :beers:


Yeah, tomorrow. Hard to be patient. I’m so curious to see how it does.


Me too! Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer.


Personally, I feel the smart thing for Pimax to do is complete CES 2018, get mouths watering, but still reach the advertised 90hz and delay release to deliver a real premium product as a mater of principle. If 90hz is attained, and the feedback from us is positive, prices can increase as demand outstrips supply. In Kickstarter at least, demand certainly outstripped supply.

Vive Pro is out allegedly in Q1, Pimax can probably just beat them if they rush ‘8K’ to market by March, but then, a not insignificant number will likely complain about motion sickness and getting ‘ripped off’ about 90hz now being 80hz, as on the Kickstarter campaign the advertising mentioned an end to motion sickness. This is why I backed Pimax, being unable to play a single game at 60hz with Gear VR!

Personally I think Pimax is more appealing than Vive Pro due to the huge FOV, however, Pimax cannot absorb negative reviews comparing 8K to the (potentially) superior screened, less nausea inducing Vive Pro and then still expect to reach the holy grail of becoming a true leader in VR. If that happened, this would mean less sales on the Pimax store and loss of profit as ‘fence sitters’, read social media and then side with Vive Pro. I don’t want that to happen, and with the right strategy, Pimax can capitalise over Oculus being AWOL also.

If possible to buy time during more product testing, focus on the key selling point of 200 FOV, something Vive Pro lack as we’re waiting for this to happen. I would then also mention the niche product of 8K-X again in the media (again, which the competition lacks) and talk about if there is strong demand, many more 8K-X headsets could be made and sold on the Pimax store if necessary. This could buy at least another two months and bring us to March.

By then NVIDIA could announce their next gen cards at NVIDIA’s GTC 2018 conference (March 26-29), AMD aren’t releasing anything big this year, so all eyes are on NVIDIA.

Pimax must become a real contender rather than being seen by the consumer as ‘nearly’ product. Hitting 90hz will also show sceptics, Pimax sticks by their claims and thus ‘the little guy’ should be given at least as much respect as HTC/Oculus.


Tbh as an 8KX backer I couldn’t care less about 80hz or 90hz because I am going to return it back anyways.

I just want a product that is well designed and works. I don’t want to have to debug my computer or fiddle around for 10hrs like some TPcast users.

Plug, install, easy setup and play.

They should delay it until they can provide a great user experience.


The thing to make note of is that Pimax wasn’t even on anyone’s radar just one year ago. And now we are placing them in the inside lane at the final turn on the track? I think they’re making a very powerful statement. Yes, everyone is concerned about how fast they can “Westernize” their production quality, but as far as two-way communication with their early adopters about the issues of concern in just 1 year’s time they’ve made a very powerful statement as well. They may need a bit more time to get quality set in place, but this is the norm for Every corporation short of the biggest of the big, not an exception. Pimax is not Apple, Nvidia, or Intel, but the only thing they may be missing is the massive budget. Vive and Oculus have the big scary budget, but might be missing something critical.


I bet that no one here can detect the difference between 82hz and 90hz. It’s just a freaking number. The experience would feel exactly the same if you didn’t know it was not exactly 90hz. It’s easy to get hang up on technical sheet but at the end of the day what really matters is the end experience. I don’t think a few less hz really makes a difference. What makes a difference is the software that run the Pimax 8K VR and how does it work with existing VR content.


So I had another idea for a demo setup. I have a triple monitor setup here, 3 1080p monitors side by side. Using the 4k I can get the same thing In VR, clear enough to read text, and even play a game. If the 8k is sharper and you can see the same thing in VR that you do outside with a triple monitor setup (in other words when you put on the headset you see the same thing even in scale in VR as you just saw IRL in full FOV), especially if text is clear enough to use, that would be a killer experience. Profound. You could have one screen with text/browser, one screen with a movie/video/youtube running and the third with a game running (maybe 2, one fps and one rts in windows to flip between for preference). Virtual Desktop or that other beta one.

Imagine selling such a workstation to all these airline travelers! (would they allow a vr headset on a plane?)

I know they’re probably using laptops, but there may even be a way using some kind of virtual monitor software I’ve seen somewhere in the past (maybe I’ll find it if I have time later) that can allow 3 monitors/desktops in VR with only 1 IRL.


Something else to consider is having a much lower refresh setting too, like 30 or 45hz. The reasoning behind this is to be able to set fps in a game to the fps of the HMD. This is to reduce/eliminate stuttering. It is my experience that the stuttering is the issue that causes dizziness, not a low framerate. But I don’t know if the panels they are using would be capable of multiple refresh settings, or lower ones like many monitors, so may be a moot point.


No, it’s not, it has more FOV.


Have you seen this tiny wow-review about Vive Pro?


Guys lets stick with topic. This thread is named " CES 2018 - 8k…"
I would like to see here some user review v5 or links to YT, redit and so on


Hear hear!

Excited to see what ppl are reporting although at this point we are kinda shit outta luck if they aren’t impressed I guess.


When do we get to hear/see first hand reviews videos? Anyone here going to CES?


If Pimax had a few demos yesterday, which I believe Xunshu mentioned, I wonder why we have not read anything about their impressions anywhere yet. Yesterday was a ‘press only’ day, if I understand correctly, but those would be the ones you would expect to post at least a short article. Even if the Pimax sucked, you would think they’d mention it. So this leaves me to wonder why that is not happening. Wrong connectors again, and therefore no demos ? :wink:
Pimax just does not seem the kind of company who will operate with an NDA, and what would be the point here ? Perhaps they had some issue they hope to resolve till today or tomorrow, and convinced the press folks to give them some slack and a chance to retry ?

Well, all pure speculation born out of impatience. We surely will get some feedback in the coming 8 h or so, be it good or bad. If bad, save for a Vive Pro, if good, enjoy the prospect of a great VR upgrade in a few months.