Change order from BE to XR


Hi I would like to change my order from BE to XR. I sent an email to a couple days after the announcement that changing was possible. A few days went by with no response. I sent another email with same message. A few days have passed again with no response. How can I go about changing from BE to XR. Order Number is P123424. Would like the $100 refund. Thanks.

@mozi @Dallas.Hao

Pimax won't respond. How can I get $100 for BE to XR?

It’s the same thing just renamed.


“It’s the same thing just renamed and $100 cheaper”


Also still no response to email or this thread from Pimax.


I just got my text saying it shipped 3 minutes ago as of writing this. I’ll keep an eye on this thread in terms of the price difference as it’s pretty sad to have to wait way way longer than promised only to be met with paying an extra 100 dollars to the people who ordered last week.