Changed Kickstarter email, how do I inform pimax of the change?


Hello, I recently changed my email and need pimax to update their information. I have changed the email in kickstarter however I’m unsure whoelse I need to contact now to let them know to send future update to the correct email.

I also would like to change my option for the controllers from the thumbpad to the thumbstick.

If anyone could let me know what I need to do for all this it would be grealy apreciated.

I’m a very confused boy atm


Not sure if it is important info to give but im backer #1804


Contact @Pimax-Support @xunshu & @Sean.Huang


Cheers :slight_smile:


You will need to provide them with your backer number, your old email address and the new one and the delivery address you have on the backing order. they should contact you back confirming the email change - hopefully to the correct email now :slight_smile: .



Thanks for the info!

You said I need to provide “them” with the information. Who exactly is “them”? I don’t really know who I should be contacting to let know.


The pimax members listed above


I sent a message to xunshu earlier today. Will let you know if everything is sorted out.

Thanks for the help guys! First experience with these forums has been a real pleasure! :slight_smile: