Cheap Controllers suitable for Pimax 5K+?



Hi Guys,

I received my headset yesterday, but no controllers or base station (I understand they are being shipped much later…). In the meantime the headset is almost useless without at least a controller. Are any of you using any cheaper basic controllers that would are compatible? So I can buy in the meantime whilst waiting as I don’t really want to shell out for full Vive whatever parts just to use for a few months.



Without a tracking solution the only controllers you could use are game peripherals such as joysticks/wheels or a game pad. These will obviously limit what games you can play.

I went with a second hand vive to get wands and lighthouses.


Thanks. I have joysticks and mouse etc but the vast majority of games won’t see them.

IL2 may though so will give it a go.

Yeah I may have to go 2nd hand but trying to avoid shelling out £100s only to have them all replaced in a while.


Definately a cheap solution for now, get an Xbox controller, easy to hook up because its microsoft and works good with windows. I heard PS controllers will work too. Lots of great Steam games can be played with it. Find the Steam game you like check on righ side of screen and in blue text it will have “Full controller Support” with an icon of a game controller if you can use Xbox controller. Have fun!


Backer or pre order?

If you own or can buy Psmove cheap you need 2 ps3 Cameras & a pingpong ball & a light to iluminate pingpong ball. Reccommend getting driver4vr(youtube it). I have the ps3 cameras but need to get controllers.

I also have a 360kinect.


There is a variety of seated games that support game pads.

WarRobotsVR free short demo
Vox Machinae
Vector 36
Solus Project


Thanks Stixvr I’ll look into that.


Very helpful thanks Heliosurge. I don’t have those but are options to look at, and the games list too - cheers.


I have a number of games working natively with the xbox controller including:

Skyrim (FOV-large_ and resolution are breathtaking)
Solus project
Edge of Nowhere

But many others do not, including:

Alien Isolation
Island 359
Contagion Vr Outbreak
The Forest
Zero Killed

Even though my controller is seen by Steam. I’ve played around with the controller settings in Steam with no luck so far. Any helpful tips are appreciated.

I very much miss using the Oculus Touch controllers (best on the market currently) which sit idle on my desk while we wait for the Pimax controllers in 6 months, maybe.


Thanks all very helpful. I found 1 game in my library that workjs with no base stations and no VR controllers… IL2 Sturmovik BOS (Battle of Stalingrad). Pretty cool with a POC joystick. It needs a joystick though (you can fly with mouse).

The feeling of being in the air when you are banking low, and you look at the ground is excellent.

Anyone know if Skyrim VR can be played with no VR controlllers and base stations?

I’ll get an Xbox controller next.


SkyrimVR csn be played with standard game pad.

Solus Project
WarRobotsVR (free but short)
Vector 36
Dirt Rally