Cheap VR glasses without SDE for 333 €



hello guys, how about this?


If you see “NOLO” you should start running. As fast as you can.


I know, I know, but for videos and racing optimally


I had the DPVR E3 with the same resolution as the Samsung Odyssey. It was a decent little HMD


I don’t really get it, if you want an 4k HMD without hardware IPD and tracking, why not buy the Pimax 4k for I think it’s 69 eur?


hopefully no ghosting, better colors and brightness


I just cant justify $650 for the Reverb with low fov horizontally AND vertically, not to mention no mecha IPD adjust and the other downfalls


I’ve only found it listed on ali express for $683.24 - 835.24, which looks like the NOLO bundle.
Maybe it’ll be available for less in the future but currently even the Vive Cosmos will be a better deal.

For the discounted price you’ll have to call their sale’s rep according to Ron’s review and the number is listed in the description of the youtube video.