Chief Scientific Officer/Senior Consultant



Pimax is seeking a Chief Science Officer (CSO)/Senior Consultant to lead our research efforts across our virtual reality hardware and software of the next generation. On the research front, you will need to deeply understand current and future technologies and techniques in the fields of virtual reality, computer science, image processing, computer vision, rendering and machine learning.

On the leadership front, you will guide and mentor our current team of researchers and engineers as well as be the key IP strategist and executor. This is a highly visible and challenging role as a member of the executive team. You will work closely with other members of the executive team to define the company vision and strategy.


  • To guide the research and development of virtual reality technologies for the company, and to oversee the scientific functions of a company, including basic and applied research projects, as well as the development of new processes, technologies or products.

  • Work closely with entire executive team to deeply understand the business model and all technologies and products to determine ways to improve the business with advanced research

  • Own and set the research plan for the next 12 months based on input from all business units

  • Develop ground-breaking technologies with a hands-on approach as well as direct the research team to develop.

  • Work directly with Product and Engineering leaders and teams to ensure that the research organization’s activities are aligned with Product requirements and Engineering development practices

  • Understand best practices for virtual reality technologies to achieve accuracy, efficiency and correctness for new algorithms and analyses

  • Work with our executives and IP attorneys to continue to build our IP portfolio over time

  • Mentor all direct reports

Desired skills and experience

  • Strong, concise communicator with excellent verbal and written skills

  • Solid public speaker with the ability to inspire our team and clients and be a figurehead for the business externally

  • Ability to define and evaluate promising directions for research and use a fail-fast, experimental approach and good judgement to direct the development and evaluation of new techniques and approaches

  • The ability to manage the development of algorithms and technologies to integrate well into a complex ecosystem of products, aligning well with business needs

  • Ability to survey and report on the field of competing and complementary technologies

  • Ability to integrate a continuous stream of improvements and expected improvements in research into a series of coherent product updates

  • Exceptional work ethic, team mentality, positive attitude, highly-driven, self-motivated, passionate, action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptive

  • 10+ years of overall industry experience with at least 3+ as a leader within a research or technology development organization

  • PhD required

If you are interested, please contact us via or

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That are some pretty heavy requirements… I recommend you to make use of stepstone or similar portals. I doubt someone that qualified is here in the forum.
You should also consider engaging a headhunter


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If the economist is to be believed, it should be easier to find tech staff in China currently.\

I’d only apply for Master Chief Scientific Officer.


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I like the PhD required part. Although finding such a highly specialized individual from any PhD I’ve ever known, oblivious to the big picture :thinking:. I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks. They’re basically super human. Like that young lad running the google vr branch.


They should hire doc_ok.

I’d also recommend this genius:

He may be too busy to work with pimax, I don’t know, but he’s one of the best in the field. He may know of someone who can help.

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Thank you so much for your recommendation @aesopfabled


My pleasure :slight_smile:

Please continue to release cutting edge vr tech for the masses.


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