City Car Driving


Hi everyone,

If anyone has managed to launch the City Car Driving game in Pimax 4K, could you lemme know how to to that? So far I could find just a gentle hint that someone has done it, but nothing else.

I have tried everything I could guess but no avail - the game just doesn’t recognize the device. Asking the CCD devs about it will be useless, I think. Let’s be honest - the 4K HMD is not that common at all.

So if anyone lends me a hand or at least points me in the right direction, it would be great. Thanks in advance!


If i recall that’s a steam title?

If so it should show up in steamvr. If not may need to add a launch option.

Here is a steam topic. If its more oculus you may need Revive.

A bit dated apr but here is a reddit on vive & city car driving.

@jonnypanic might have some insights as well.


Not tried it, but yes it should work in the same way as any SteamVR game.

Try putting -vr or -steamvr in the launch options.


Well, on v1.5.6, launch and go into Settings/Graphics and set Output device to Monitor+VR Goggles.

Go back to Main Menu and exit.

Launch SteamVR and then City Car Driving.

There will be nothing shown in VR until you have actually loaded onto the road.

Literally just tested this on Standalone and it works for me.


Yeah, guys, I confirm the latest version of CCD is working fine and surprizingly well in terms of performance (which honestly I wouldn’t expect from the devs of this game considering their looong development history).

With a decent wheel like Logitech’s G25 or 27 it’s a charm.