Climate change - Netherlands edition


Here in the Netherlands we have a heatwave. Normally we have a humid sea climate. It gradually is changing to a landclimate. It’s almost 40 degrees celsius. For Dutch values, that is extreme hot weather. Maybe you experience even hotter weather? Just being curious.


It’s happening in Japan, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, the list is almost covering half Earth nations, except the ones that have woke up and took a stand regarding bad interfering factors, technology too is involved, research it.

The causes are multiple and needing to cover really a wide range of subjects, but for sure it is not because the global warming scam, repeated by the media from years.


Its the hottest summer in Sweden since 260 years or something like that. We are really not used to this… :joy:


Consider SRS Power Wind please , personally after longer use I cant drive or flight without it.