Comfort needs work for pimax give us a halo strap



The Pimax is a brilliant headset but the comfort isn’t there yet even with the DAS mod it’s no where close to how comfortable the psvr fits.

Just wanna point out that comfort needs some work even with the DAS mod it’s just not right. I can only play a few hours at the moment then the weight starts to show on the front of the head. Not only this but to get my own personal headphones on top of the DAS is really difficult never had these issues with the psvr.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming pimax here I didn’t even like the HTC vive + das or the oculus rift. They were all just terrible for comfort for me.

What needs Sorting out :

There’s bit of light bleed with my face type. I covered it with leather covers and kinda fixed it but still shouldn’t be there.

Nose gap is horrible keeps hanging on my nose definitely needs a gap like the htcvive has.

DAS mod doesn’t let you tighten the sides and my head is way too skinny so it basically hangs for me = horrible

I don’t know how people found the Pimax plus das mod acceptable I think none of the old pcvr headsets are acceptable comfort wise and pimax really needs to work on a halo strap. Because this definitely is the best headset by a mile with its FOV but the strap ruins it all. The DAS strap helped me find my sweetspot and hold the old face mask which widens the fov even more but the comfort spoils it all.

I actually don’t have any distortion problems like other people i absolutely love the headset but please just make a really decent halo strap design or something for the 8kx


It seems counterintuitive, but you should consider adding a counterweight. I did, many months ago and it’s a huge improvement. Now there is zero pressure on my nose and very little on my face.

I did a quick-n-dirty DIY mod: I taped 2 wrenches together and used the Velcro loop (which was securing the Pimax cable for shipment) to attach it to the back of my 8K. I used 11.1 oz. / 312 g, which is about half the weight of the HMD itself.

There are commercial versions available, just search for “VR counterweight”.