Comically trivial suggestion - chevron blinking



Is there any way to make the blue chevron blinking stay solid when PP is turned on? Mainly for streaming/recording reasons to be less distracting to the viewer…

obviously not a huge deal, but if it is easy enough to add adjustments for this LED it would be well received.




Yes blinking the chevron seems like a very big cue for just a setting. Just blink the power button


The power led already switches from blue to purple when PP is enabled.


I didn’t know that! Does it stop blinking as well? Are there any other colors?


Sorry. Meant to say the power led… :upside_down_face:

Point was they should just keep the chevron colour solid as the led by the power button already indicates that PP is on by switching to purple.


Yeah no doubt, ideally we would have some control over how they(chevron and power/status LED) operate, and could turn them on, off, flashing, default to the power LED instead and use “X” color, etc.