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Hi there,

I just wanne know if anyone is having the following issue:

About 1 - 2 weeks ago, i received a message to update my shipping info. Now the only thing missing was my phonenumber, but if they want it who am i to hold it back. So updated it as requested.

I also asked if i could update to the 8K (the idea was they keep improving the 8K). I got 1 last mail on how to do it and to send them a screenshot… and thats it. No mails, no confirmation no noting. I mailed again… and noting. Then i created a request using the website, and noting no confirmation.

Days passed, but i thought i must be patient and i was. until the following happend. A friend of me who lives nearby just order the Pimax BE last zaterdag, and guess what? He got an immediate response and a shipping date which is in this month (march).

So this would kinda mean that not only do they response to some customer and some not, he has a shipping date while don’t even do i order it months ago.

Now sure i’m happy for him, but this is just odd and not really fair. I mean some of you guys here been waiting for years… common Pimax?

Just to get clear on this, i understand we have to wait… but i don’t understand why the do NOT response to any mail i send. I mean i was so positively supprized about the initial mail.They where actually ready to send it, just to be disappointed that after the first few mails they simple don’t reply, nothing…

They last weekend, The mail adressen where down and it was not possible to created a account on they support page. I checked the adressen using a online mailadres checker and it told me the mail address did not exits anymore… a bit odd but lest be honest these things happen.

The following Monday, i try again to created a account an the support page, which finally worked. So i thought, ill will try again.

Wrote new mail to preorder, explained whats going, told they about that friend. I just wanted to have a some confirmation they got my responses.

Finally i got one, it was short but at least i got it. They asked me to send my preorder number, so i did asked them it the info was complete and try to explain why i was a bit disappointed I also added my previous mail and screen shots with the upgrade… and waited… again…
No confirmation no noting…

So ill admin i’m getting impatient now. So after only 2 days, i send a other mail, saying i understand that they busy but this now the 2nd time someone Promesses to look at it and noting happens again.

They did contacted me first about being ready to send the headset, so at least give me a shipping date.

All i ask is i a confirmation that you received my any of messages.

The odd thing is, sometimes you get a confirmation mail with 5 min, but whatever is going on this is just a bit ridicules.

Its still possible they never received any mail i just would know

Don’t misunderstand i amazed, what have created and wish them the very best and i try to be understanding ans patienced but i can’t be that hard to send a confirmation when you asks me to send some info, this does not have to take 2 of more days.

What do you guys think, i’m approaching this wrong?

best reagrds,



It seems to be rather a common issue at the moment as I’ve been keeping an eye on the forum and seen a few people( including me) are saying the same thing has happened to them ive contacted @Dallas.Hao who seems to have been quite helpful so far so try sending him a message



that just a shame this is happig to more people. Thanks for the contact tip. Ill wait a few more days


Well I would be surprised if they would really ship his BE by March :joy: i ordered in december and have nothing, not even a mail to confirm my adress. ^^ I did a request to support because the 21. Of February (the promised shipping date) went by. They told me they need to confirm my adress. I stated i would be right. Nothing since then.


Put it short i had that email asking for my shiping address it was on my acount the only thing wrong was i did not tick the box lol i sent them a email telling them its all done . With no reply. ( i will never pre order or back shitmax again im getting pist of now



thanks for you responses. It seems indeed a lot of people ar having these issues. Its a shame. @Kuise, yes i would be suprized to but he did got a shipping date on the same day he bought it… so that atleas more then most of us have.

@Steve0jarvis, yes i understand.

So Perhaps BE version is the way to, some kind of Easter egg to get one faster :).

I do really can understand that there busy, but asking for confirmation and then never response that is a issue (severalTimes). And shipping out a unit to someone who just register… wel lets keep it on “not really fair”.

Whatever they use for organizing there mails and requests, its seems not to be working well for them.

Out of curiosity, i would be interesting to see for how many other people this actually happen.

So if anyone with has a similar issue, please leave a line.

We might be ably to show them how other it happen (off course the thread has to be read i the first place :wink: )


there email response is dam rite frustrating if you email them to say i wont to UPgrade they will respond asap . hear is a example i paid for the 5k with controllers i emailed them asking for a ball park eta no response i then asked can i updrade to 8k they emailed back with in 5 hours yes yes you can hear is a payment link i then asked whats the eta on the 8k …no response they wont talk to you if money is not involved . but shoud i be shocked no