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PPI info on all 3 headsets please.
5k. = ?
5k+ = ?
8k. = ?

EDiT: Bumped Oct 12/2018
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Amd Gpu Testing Results (Internal) if done can we have Amd reccommended GPUs?

All testers were Nvidia; some backers Favor the Red Team.

  1. 72Hz works in 5K+ now, next we’re trying 60Hz; we may support three FPS in 5K+ : 60Hz 72Hz 90Hz

  2. Yes, we’re able to add Anti-Bluelight coating on internal glass. but we need make sure not impact end users visual color too much. BTW, the custimzed CLPL panel of both 5K+ and 8K headset already implemented some anti-bluelight feature by selected special LED for the backlight.

80mhz Mode for the Pimax 5k+ ? Blue light Filter Mode?
Just my two cents for the decision between 5K+ and 8K
MRTV: Through The Lens Comparison Pimax 5K Plus vs. Pimax 8K - 2D Video - Color Comparison

Please Robin, do not add anti blue light coating to the optics. If the application of the coating is even a bit off, it ruins the experience. It diminishes brightness, affects color, and the coating is easily damaged.

Remember all the trouble you had with anti blue light on the 4K? You dont want to have to RMA several hmds damaged in shipping.

If I may make a suggestion?

Rather than putting anti blue light coating on the optics themselves, maybe use a polorization anti blue light filter that someone can CHOOSE to put on, like a lens adapter.

What do you think @Heliosurge @PimaxVR @sjefdeklerk


Agreed. I mentioned before one could do this via the frames. Or for that matter they could even offer lense set ti purchase with the option. Or since the optics are removable & flat eye side one might be able to apply film.

Pimax...are there any advantages to waiting?

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Xunshu edit: the support will double check with each backer before shipping.



Question posted here Most Wanted Feature: .ini per game conf Pitool

Wanting to know if it’s possible to store pre defined game .ini files configuration for piplay settings per game, saves people having to change the PiPlay setting every time they have to load a game

I actually think this is a really good idea!




Question posted on the forum here Support/care not like HTC please

Basically asking what process there will be for support or if there is faulty device after delivery as your customer base will be increasing substantially. They preferred NOT to use the same support model of htc.



Thanks for asking! If there are faulty units, please contact immediately. We will assign a tech support to double check the status of the device with you, and share the step by step guide based on the status and your location.


Thank you I have shared that info with the forum on the original post


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