Compability of the headset


I want to know which controllers and sensors, cameras work with pimax 4k headset to play games like vrchat on steam so I know what to buy
Does Oculus or vive work maybe?


The Razer Hydra makes wired controllers and has its own base station. They are older tech but you can still find them on Ebay. I have used them and they are ok. Its really for seating only so not sure about vrchat since I have not played that. The Xbox controller works best but you have to seek out the games on Steam that are for used with it.


As well Driver4VR is reported to work with psmove & kinect.

NoloVR works somewhat but pimax also needs to update things for newer nolo firmware


Front facing with limited range - NoloVR with the supported Piplay versions, avoiding the latest NOLO HOME firmware updates.

Front facing with limited range - Driver4VR+Kinect+PSMove controllers

360 with limited range - NoloVR ceiling mounted with the supported Piplay versions, avoiding the latest NOLO HOME firmware updates.

360 with limited range - PSMoveSteamVRBridge with 3-4 Cameras+PSMove controllers


I would not recommend you a 4K if you want more than watch movies or play casual games. Go for a used vive/WMR system. Price is no issue if new WMR Systems are sold for around $200 and even lower.

All the hassle with getting third party 6DOF tracking to work (if ever reliably) is not worth it.


You Must be kidding me. I used the hydra in the DK1 days for the helicopter experience. First time I was able to lean out of the heli while flying.
Never used it again for anything else afterwards because it is a pain to configure.

The OP is definitely no power user or he would know that rift cameras can not be mixed with other headsets tracking. So all the Hydra, nolo, Kinect, driverVR hassles would not make him happy…


I need something that’s easy to connect with pimax 4k. I don’t have much money but I really wanted controllers and the other needed accessories for full body tracking if possible.
Currently I only have 200$ and it would be nice if you’d include some links to help me


Agreed pain due to no pass theough camera


Do you have psmove? Or xbox 360 kinect? If so youtube driver4vr


Sell your 4K for 150. And buy a used WMR (Windows mixed reality headset, Lenovo, Acer, Asus or used Odyssey from Samsung) for your Budget of 350.-


You will give up image clarity
You will gain slightly more FOV with thinner face foam
You will gain an extra 30hz on the refresh rate, bringing it to 90
You will gain better colors/brightness & significantly reduced ghosting
You will have the convenience of having 360 6DoF tracked HMD/Controllers
You will have the option to utilize motionReprojection


Have you had the ability to experience other headsets or are you dead set on keeping your Pimax 4K HMD. The reason I ask is that if you want “full body” tracking its going to be a real pain in the ass to set up with the Pimax 4K. As far as I know there really not a link to the NOLO and or PS Move controller/Pimax 4K set up, you just have to weed through the info here. I had a few links but it got real confusing. Fact is there is really nothing thats going to be easy to adapt with the 4K for what you are looking for, this was one of the drawbacks of the 4K unit.

If your not bound to your Pimax 4K, like others have said here there are plenty of headsets that already come with the “full body” set up and for about the same price as the 4K, controllers,sensors etc. . But for me, compared to the SDE and resolution of my 4K, I disliked all of them and decided to stick with my Pimax 4K until the 8K/5K+ became available.

I researched the hell out of these forums just to find something for seated with dual wand style controllers to work with my 4K, its seemed futile, Im not a “power user” and decided the PS Move and NOLO controllers were way out of my wheelhouse when it came to the knowledge and patience it would take to get it set up properly to work with the Pimax 4K, and still maybe not be reliable and buggy. Thats why I ended up getting the Razer Hydra. I didnt have any trouble getting it to work with the 4K. Just need to update the drivers from Razer and get the proper drivers at Steam.

I love my Pimax 4K and would not sell it. But I am limited to playing only games that support the wireless Xbox controller. There actually some great games available for the Xbox controller. I dont use the Hydra Razers anymore because I just set up my room for Vive lighthouses in preperation for when my 8K and 5K+ arrives. I would advise with the Hydras use for seated only, definitely not for full body or “room scale” .


I’m not really bound to my headset but I also don’t really know how to sell used equipment and where so I’d rather keep it.
Could someone explain what do people mean by a power user and how to make nolo work with pimax 4k? I’m considering buying the nolo controllers with sensor and camera for 200$ on Amazon but I don’t know how it will work


Not going to be plug and play and it may never reach the status of acceptability without tinkering and even that may not be sufficient.

The NoloVR’s range will leave much to be desired when using VRChat.
The range will keep you confined unless the play space is rather small.


I stole the word “power user” from Mru :wink:. My interpretation is being PC tech savvy, not afraid of tinkering with your hardware and/or software, and be open to a learning curve. Like CMM said, the NOLO wont be plug and play like a Sony playstation PSVR system. Sorry I cant help with the NOLO, I tried to follow some youtube videos but gave up after about 5 minutes, It looked to me to be more trouble than its worth, especially knowing that I may not ever get it to work properly with the P4K.


Heres a good deal on a Lenovo Explorer. Might want to let someone else chime in on whether the Explorer is 6DoF.

You could put your Pimax on Ebay. The Explorer has good reviews as far a resolution and clarity go but not sure about the controllers and tracking.


Power users have a very strong awareness of operating system with modifying text config files & a lot of other kinds of tweaking.


Lenovo Explorer is a WMR headset with headset and controllers tracked in 6dof. So you are good to go because it has everything you asked for.
I maybe did not make my point clear enough but without doubt will the OP not be happy with p4k and nolo.

P4k is a bad headset. Only suitable for watching movies and really slow games. And i say that because i put severel hundred hours of gameplay in my 4k. I did really want it to be good and i did want to enjoy it. But after buying rift/vive and samsung odyssey as wmr, i can simply not go back to the 4k for playing games.

One thing what is funny for me regarding the 4k: all the other headsets the picture impression is better if i shake my head a little bit when looking around. But in the 4k the picture is best only if you hold your head as still as possible. So all the comparison pictures of 4k against others do not take that into account. The whole purpose of a hmd is, that i move my head and look around. :joy: If i do that in the p4k, the image becomes either a fuzzy mess or a ghosty mess…

So i would again not recommend a 4k to anyone, except he is only into watching movies. And also for movies i read that the Odyssey+ with its anti SDE effect is said to be the best headset. And it was shortly available for 299.-. The Lenovo was shortly available for 150.-, now 199.-.

For the OP: go either for the cheapest wmr headset (lenovo, new 199.-) or the samsung odyssey (now sells for 350.- at Or a used one of either headset. Or a used vive and later you can use the tracking system and the vive wands for a p5k+ or 8k if you want to upgrade in 6 month or a year…

And with wmr or vive you will have a normally hassle free experience.


Also, there is no mic on the Pimax 4K so voice chat will totally be another inconvenience to remedy.