Comparision between old (black dots) with replacement (no black dots)


  1. When I test old headset on meet up, it look darker than the new one.
  • The reason is, when I use the old headset, I set low brightness at low on PiTool 95 and after that I return to use PiTool 91. I understand that it will use normal brightness automatically, but it look this setting config in the HMD while the new one using the high brightness, so this make me misunderstand that the new headset look more bright.
  1. Housing issue.

Old headset, the small crack can be bigger

First week.


The new one still have the dead pixel, pimax offer only change cable, but I think it still need to get the replacement.

  1. Blinking dot issue.
  • I don’t found this problem on the old headset, after I try to use power adapter or use some device to decrease the noise, they can’ t be solve the issue. When I try to swap the cable, it work.
    Problem is caused by bad cable. I try the old headset after change the cable, it has the same problem.
  1. Clarity.
  • When no any black dots, everything look more wonderful. I try honey select, although I use the low brightness, I still suspect that I user high brightness or not, when I look on PiTool, I found that it still be low brightness. So it is very big different between “black dots” and “no black dots” unit.
  1. sde
    Not sure, but look like I can see sde easier for a little bit in new headset
    , maybe about some brightness.

  2. Vertical strip.
    Both have the same.


How can this happen in 2019?
It reminds me some brands from 90th… Plima, Abibas, Pavasonic etc.


Insist on requesting replacement. There is 2 json files in pimax\runtime directory. The hmd one might have a setting still in there regarding brightness (not sure)


Not really that uncommon in today.


Holy Shhhh** … Pimax is HMD not other thing else man … sorry this is happen to you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So is Pimax doing a back flip on their dead pixel policy now ?


Hard to say likely a support person trying to over acheive.

Simple dead or stuck replace as stated. Backers need to stay firm on this policy.