Computer stops work when I play "only Steam VR" game after upgrade my GPU to 2080



I bought a new PS just for my MSI factory-overclocked 2080. I’ve had no problems. It’s always best to buy a quality power supply, since it really can improve your PC’s stability and protect the other components.

This is the one I bought: EVGA SuperNOVA 80+ GOLD 650W


Yes! finally! I found same issue with monitor by do as you tell me.

I had set 4X DRS for Witcher3 it is crushed like Steam VR. It is crushed instantly like VR does.

So upgrade of PSU will fix my issue?


I bought EVGA 750W PSU for now. Wait for delivery, I will tell you what is going on after i installed it.


It’s likely that will fix it, but there’s no guarantee. :crossed_fingers: There might be a hardware issue with the video card or something else, which is only triggered under extreme load.

Here’s a tip: I keep a supply of spare parts (mostly leftovers from my PC upgrades), to help keep my family’s computers up and running. (My wife’s computer would actually be a pretty good gaming computer, but she only uses it to browse the web; it’s also our print server.)


I agree the PSU seems to be the problem here. Remember that a PSU (power supply unit) rated at 600W should only run stable at maximum 80% (max efficiency) and can only occasionally peak at close to 600W in rare cases, which is not recommended.

So in theory you are limited to around 500W in total for your entire PC, including GPU, CPU, mobo and all other accessories like harddrives, USB devices etc. The recommended PSU for a 2080 or 2080Ti is 650W and I would say its a minimum, especially if its a Bronze or no-name unit. Gold and Platinum certified PSUs have a higher efficiency which can be stable above 80 or even 90%, but those are also more expensive units.

My recommendation is that you go with a 850W or even 1000W PSU with a Gold cert. No its not cheap, BUT it will last for many years even if you change the GPU 2 or 3 more times, so its an investment. You also have warranty on these. It will run less hot, probably more quiet at high load and will be more stable overall without reaching limits - even if you push your 2080Ti and CPU with overlclocking.


As far as I understand it’s better to stay within 25 - 30% margin or PSU, because of you may have more latency on component failure with larger PSU that is used in 50% capacity than with smaller PSU that is used in 75% capacity. Like if your system power draw is 500W, and one component is failing, the protection will kick in when power will be exceeding 650W for smaller PSU or 1000W for bigger one, that is already double of your normal system draw.

Strangely enough, my ASUS Thor 750 rarely shows power draw more than 350W, and my rig is

ASUS Cosshair Hero VII
AMD 3700X (OCd to 4400) - I had 2600X (OCd to 4000) before
2x8 GB Corsair PRO 3200 DDR4 (not sure how it’s OCd as I just installed 3700x yesterday)
Palit 2080 Ti OC
NVMe 500 GB Samsung EVO 970 HDD
3 x 500 GB Samsung EVO 860 SSD HDDs
LED controller
ROG Riyo 120 (I know it’s too small for 3700x, plan to go to new case and Ruyjin 360)
140 mm fan
2 x 120mm fans (push/pull for Riyo)
32" 2560x1440 curved Samsung screen
Pimax 8K
one externally powered USB hub

the PSU calculator gives me 605W, OLED on THOR 750 in gaming (Rage 2, ED, Metro Exodus, THE Forest, DOOM, etc - all on ULTRA settings) - hardly goes over 350W, normally it stays in 275 - 300W, and I never seen it goes over 400W. In desktop mode it runs around 65 - 120W.


I never had a problem in SteamVR Home with 2080Ti and any version of PiTool.

Sorry, what do you mean by “more 1800 per eye”? My SteamVR overlay normally reporting something like 3200x2100 per eye with PiTool=1, SteamVR=100% and Normal FOV without PP.

Is your PC freezing (the screen, not headset) and do you need to restart it manually?

You can also check screen scaling settings in NVIDIA control panel and go through other settings there.


I fixed the issue with upgrading 1250W PSU. Thank you everyone


I fixed the issue with upgrading 1250W PSU. Thanks!


I’m glad you were able to fix the problem. Now you can finally enjoy your new RTX 2080! :slight_smile: