[Confirmed]Extend the Pimax upgrade program

Thanks @Matthew.Xu for hear our suggestion. Extended it till we have seen reviews… May or June 2020. :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


One could also make the case that the longer they extend the upgrade program, the longer they can delay sending out a single stretch goal!

I would anticipate many more upgrade time extensions.

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What about on the last step? I can get to the confirm order step but don’t see any way to complete the order

Thank you, Matthew! We all appreciate your efforts.


Thanks @Matthew.Xu !! Good communication


This is good news, @Matthew.Xu.

What would be great news is an official date for the deadline extension.

What would be awesome news is an extension date that is after industry ‘influencer’ reviews of the final product and a ‘set in stone’ delivery date.

My days of throwing money at a proverbial “pig in a poke” are over.The suspension of disbelief that Pimax can meet a deadline has long since evaporated.

Earn my trust back. I double-dog dare you.


I believe no need for such a program. It should be an unlimited time offer as long as those products exist. Pimax should try to welcome any new comers as well as deliver asap what they promised their ks pledgers 2 years ago.

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The issue with that is with these offers you have to give up your stretch goals. So if it’s unlimited time they will never send out the stretch goals to you.


You’re right. The ones that wants you opt out of stretch goals should be terminated as of now, and the rest (if any) that encourages you to buy these new Pimax’s can be continued with better discounts… But do I care? Of course not anymore… I just want my strech goals asap!

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Hi Mathew do you know what date the backer upgrade program will be extended to yet ?

It’s not confirmed yet, but I will update it after confirmation.


I was about to make this thread and here it is. As mentioned already, we shouldn’t have to request this.

with Marcin (sweviver) community manager I assume he would have suggested this already but if not then what influence does he actually have over at Pimax HQ? This should be an pinned announcement surely?

@Matthew.Xu, I have a much better solution.

You want to minimize the number of stretch goals you have to honor by enticing backers to ‘pre-order’ an 8K+ or 8KX. You (understandably) want to create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline, which serves a dual purpose of better defining your financial liability with regards to the stretch goals and minimizes the ire of backers waiting on their stretch goals, base stations & controllers.

Backers are reluctant to sign away their stretch goals, package bundles, and pre-order a new headset because of your past (poor) track record in meeting delivery dates (fool me once…) and the latest announcement of a 3 month delay (confirmation of fool me once…) in 8KX shipping.

I won’t speak for others (they can confirm or disagree), but for me personally, the experience of giving Pimax $800 and waiting 2 years for the headset and even more time waiting for the other commitments (not yet honored) makes the thought of giving another $800, even if it’s (for now) only a 3 month wait, particularly abhorrent.

Pimax needs to give backers a compelling reason to pre-order now, without feeling like chumps.

I would suggest that Pimax accepting pre-orders, but not charge the payment method until 1 week before the individual order ships, as an acceptable ‘good faith’ compromise.

This gives backers some feeling of control in the process and it gives Pimax the means to move forward on having an accurate count of stretch goals and full package bundles to honor. This gives both parties a measure of accountability to (and from) the other.


Sometime pre-orders required some deposit 5%-10% of the total to ensure client seriousness. Should be minimal unlike the one for the Pimax controllers

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I do not disagree that both must have “skin in the game”. As it stands, Pimax has none, and this must be rectified.

They have shown that they are content to hold onto my money with no consequences and this continued demonstrated behavior is no longer tolerable for me. This behavior should, ideally, not be tolerable to anyone and Pimax (in a perfect world) should not be rewarded for it.

If their response is “learn to deal with it”, then I’m fine with continuing to be a thorn in their side, as I wait for my stretch goals, base station and controllers… as no doubt they’re fine with losing a once enthusiastic advocate and continued customer.


I will certainly give your suggestion back to the team and let you know the result.
Because it involves the company’s sales policy. Thank you.

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The easiest way to fix this is to not preorder. It is not like Pimax is holding you at gunpoint saying “you must preorder”. Actually, you do not have to. But if you do and do it at the terms Pimax defines then it seems to me rather strange to complain later about them being unfair.


He was explaining in extent that he is NOT preordering ATM exactly due to this but also why it is in the very interest of Pimax to get preorders and even more provided a sane proposal of how to process this.

Funnily enough I currently have several preorders 2with local, 2 with US based companies processed exactly like this that they initiate a transfer with pay pal but only call the transfer on or close to shipping (actually one even has a 30% preorder siscount although they only charge on shipment).

If that was the case with 8KX my upgrade preorder was initiated since long and I could immagine many more following this. If you have put your money down, you expect your goods to be delivered in the time given at signing the deal, if you just reserve a slot, things are very different and people will be way more forgiving and patient. This would GREATLY help the situation Pimax has put themselves in since start of the campaign and still is looking for a way out. - Here it is.

So, my strong advise to @Matthew.Xu is to bring this up with management to become the new strategy for Pimax helping to re-establish faith and also, literally buy some time.

I replied to the statement that “it must be rectified”, which I argued with that it does not have to be and explained why.

In general, the advanced payment is an accepted solution (I even remember that some preorders where charged only when they were actually shipped). The reason is not only “to have the skin of the seller in this”, but also to actually complete the transaction as late as possible, because, technically, you are lending the money to the seller.

While I could easily imagine it working with anyone else, I have hard times imagine, it would work with Pimax. I was quite surprised when they started this scheme (pay now, get the goods sometime later, where later was several months later) with the first preorders and they were successful so they are doing it again. The easiest way to show them it is not acceptable is actually to not accept it.


But you are all aware, that the upgrade plan will be available until the strechgoals are send out. So by extending the deadline for the upgradeplan it is a confirmation, that nothing will be send out until the new deadline. So i personally don’t think of this as good news…

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