Connection pimax shut off base and controller recognition


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HI pimaxer’s
I have received mi pimax 5k+ and I create first on steam vr my room scale with the vive base and controller’s… After I have pitool with the last update and make room setup and controller recognition but now when I start steam vr or pitool he don’t recognize mi bases and controllers only the headset…do you have an issue for that? I hope with the bs 2 and sword sense we don’t have this problem it’s very angry to move from steam vr to pitool I wait for a moment to use my pimax I hope you can help me and find a process to recognize simply the base and controller on pitool… If you nedd more information say me… I make a message for the support too. Ty very much


Did you set up room scale in Pitool as well?


yes for the first time i make the room setup with steam vr (headset+base+controllers) are on …after i make the room setup with the last version of pitool and appair the controller steam vr recognise it but when re start steam vr and pitool steam vr just recognise the headset and don’t recognise base and controllers… when i plug the vive at the place of the pimax steam vr recognise all but no with pimax and we don’t detect base and controller with pitool it’s horrible this software i don’t use the 5k+ …i don’t find information for that …


Did you select the tick box in Pitool to enable base stations?


Nice is the tick for find the base thank you. I wait for the new system of base 2.0 and sword and a new version of pitool more efficient